[Reported] Block doesn’t apply to chat preview

Block doesn’t apply to chat preview.
I blocked someone in my guild, it worked fine in game but I am still getting preview notifications of their posts

@Tripz is this Guild chat or World chat? To confirm, are these notifications that they have posted in chat or taken an action in your Guild and the notification is a Guild notification?

Also, what platform are you playing on?

They are notifications of them posting in guild chat.
When I actually go in game and look at the chat logs I can’t see it so block works in that respect, it would just be nice if block also applied to notifications

I’ve raised it with the team - I don’t think its a bug in the way that’s not how notifications would be intended as in - I don’t think they (notification) have the functionality to recognise that player has been blocked. It just sees the data someone has posted in chat and pushes you the notification.

But again, let the team know and we are looking into it further.

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