The chat filter is dumb

Turn it off. Or give us the option to turn it off.

edit: It filters out “something” now too :roll_eyes:

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I have passed this on to the team to look into further after I raised the “gearset” censoring that came up yesterday.

I understand the frustration, especially with just words like ‘something’ starts making having discussions in chat difficult, but let’s keep actual swearing out of the forum space as well. And I have removed it from your original post.

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It apparently also filters mythic salvagers, according to a guild mate. It’s getting a bit overly restrictive.

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Just to note, this isn’t like a list we manually input ourselves to restrict but I can pass on any weird censoring that is occurring!

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cant even say the word “tonight” lol :joy:

Needless to say the citizens of Scunthorpe, UK feel especially aggrieved. :joy:


If anyone notices any, feel free to pop them here and I’ll collate a list to be updated.


you get the idea lol


Cheers for censoring my speech. Of all the inane things this thread represents, that certainly is near the top.

Instead of having to refer to a thread and having individual words added to your stupid filter, can you follow all the other games that do this and give us the option to just turn it off.

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The biggest issue here @Jeto is that the filter is hitting on three letters, and while those three letters might be part of a vaguely offensive word, they’re also parts of tons of other words. You’ll spend more time “fixing” exceptions than just making your own filter and not trying to get every single potential corner case. I mean, why is anal even in there?


The funny thing is the chat filter is essentially identical in Gems of War and does all these silly edits of letter sequences within words rather than words themselves. I was surprised to find that the only letter groupings were for english curse words, not other curse words or letter groupings in other languages. I proceeded to type out quite a few French curse words to prove the point, none were filtered, but apparently I got reported and caught a chat ban for like a week :joy:


I wonder why it filters out ear. So all the various words like fear, hear, year, earth, spear, etc get filtered.

:rofl: Clearly you’ve got dirty ears! When was the last time you washed them?

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Very good to know! Maybe I should sort out some very awesome German insulting words just to make a stand :joy:

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Do you guys get off on treating your playerbase like children ?

As mentioned in response to this in chat, censorship in an open chat forum will likely not have the ability to be ever optional.

We are looking into the filter list as well as how some words that may include an insult are still being flagged, such as “gearset”. This will be ongoing as we make constant revisions.

But the chat and the game, is open for all ages and at the minimum we do not want the risk of someone younger having any opportunity to switch it off.

I understand that trying to type something that is harmless just to get is blocked is frustrating, but we are looking into the logic of how this is applying in game.

I’m so pleased the money I put into this game to support it is being used in such a productive manner to improve the player experience :roll_eyes:

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Let’s be reasonable. Something like this is having a detrimental effect on player-to-player communication. This is something that needs to be fixed, but is also something that should never have been a problem after the Xbox 360 era.

Sounds like you are making some changes actively which is good. Thanks for looking into this and continuing to make adjustments.