[Reported] Brimstone seems to increase fire damage on both sides

As shown in the picture, I got 1265 burn damage.
The damage percentage is 1265/(1265+7187), which is about 15% instead of 3%.
Perhaps this is due to 6 stacks of brimstone providing extra 12% damage?
Furthermore, I received another about 6% damage after this burn damage and only had 6770 hp when my turn started. I am not sure where that damage comes from.

The next burn damage was about the same percentage, but I missed the timing for a screenshot.

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Update: with 6 stacks of brimstone, the burn damage is about 15.75% every time. It is very consistent. This percentage changes with number of brimstone stacks and imp gems on the board.

Hey @Faye

Thank you for sharing! Sorry we had not dropped a comment in here sooner but this has been passed on to the dev team.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Thank you. It is good to know that the bug has been reported.