[REPORTED] Bug: Haste Does Not Grant Additional Mana

Platform, device and operation system
Android 11, Samsung Note Ultra 20

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

Expected: I expected to receive the effect of the Haste buff, as explained in-game.

Actual: No additional mana generation occurs when the Haste buff is active.

When matching a single dark match-3:

Without Haste buff:

46 dark mana is generated.

With Haste buff:

46 dark mana is generated.

Therefore, Haste is currently not working as designed in-game.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

This issue always occurs in-game.

Steps to make it happen again

As demonstrated in the pictures above,

  1. Equip a Rare (or higher) rarity Firewalker’s Boots.
  2. Match any match-3 and note the amount of mana generated from the match.
  3. Trigger the start-of-turn Haste buff.
  4. Make the exact same color match-3 buff while Haste is in effect.
  5. Observe that the same amount of mana is generated from the match when Haste is in effect.
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The team is looking into this - at the moment after some testing it does appear to be a visual issue and the actual Mana count is correct.


This is still occurring in 0.36. I was preparing to write a bug post for it before finding this in search.

It does appear to be a visual issue. The amount of mana earned from matches flashes up briefly at the bottom of the screen with only the standard “non-haste” amount. But the amount of mana awarded is boosted by haste.

I tested using the Berserker and Relentless Assault - it creates the haste condition and casting also empties the mana for the spell making it easy to confirm mana earned from subsequent matches.