[Reported] Corrupted ring is not leeching "from life"

The description say the Corrupted Guard Ring will leech from life (not armor)

Ignoring the insane levels of armor generated by Fallen Shoulders…

The Corrupted Ring is doing 439 damage per turn, but since it is taking from Armor instead of Life it will not finish off the player.

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This is something I have seen too, corrupted ring leech always damages armor first.

Whilst we’re talking about the corrupted ring it has always bothered me that it just says leeches life from the enemy with no indication as to the amount.

Is it based off your health? Is it based off your opponents health? Or something else entirely?

You leech the exact same amount that you recover from regeneration: 5% of your health.

I guess that makes sense now that you’ve mentioned it, although it is certainly not clear from the description. I guess the fact it’s been taken it from armor is also why I was so confused.

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Hey folks, technically the Corrupted Guard Ring is working as intended but we agree it’s not very clear or working in a nice way right now so we’re going to review the functionality.

Thanks for bringing this up!

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I did upgrade mine to mythic under the assumption it would take health directly from the opponents health, not the armour. As the description says it “leeches life from the enemy” it would be nice if it did that.

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This is a major oversight they fail to consider when bugs like this are in the game. They let us beta test these items and spend our costly resources to upgrade them. Then they tell us that it hitting armor first is working as intended, even though the description says “leeches life”.

Let us return the mislabeled products for a full refund. Or at least some method to reverse or reapply resources used on “changed” items. It would go a long way.