[Updating in 3.3] Corrupted Guard Set 6-piece bonus is not working correctly

Here is a recent fights’ data:

The “Leech” effect has two bugs:

  1. It is not calculating the % correctly. Each of the hits shown should be getting 6%, but instead are getting ~5% and ~4%.
  2. The “Leech” effect is not doing any health removal from the target. Leech implies that the health is being pulled from the target, so a health drain of the identical amount should be happening.



Could the life leech they’re taking maybe be reduced by some sort of damage reduction or prevention? Or is that even a thing?

The “of damage dealt” suggests that it should be a direct calculation based on the resolved damage number.

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Followed this up with the devs and designers, and it appears there is some bad ordering going on.
We will be able to address this in 3.3 to make sure Leech applies after damage is dealt, as Leech is calculated from damage dealt and then giving up to 6% of that applied damage dealt as life/healing.

Kenpo theorised that it is currently lower because it could be calculating from damage reduction or before any damage boosts are applied after the heal has gone through.

Don’t have more on this at the moment until we can get the order changed.


Update on the healing, it does appear it’s 1% less than intended - a fix for that should go out hopefully in the next 24 hours. Just testing that fix at the moment.


I just did some testing, and it looks like it is getting 6% heal, but confirmed there is still no leech damage applied to the opponent’s health, so I look forward to 3.3 for that to show up.