[Reported] Current adventure

The devs cancelled the next adventure, with the Adventure after that happening in 7 days and 3 hours. That would suggest the devs plan on releasing the hotfix after the Khazduli Expedition ends, but before the next one starts. So sometime early in the week most likely. Sucks that we’re losing out on the relics, gems, and free weapon glyph (from the cancelled Adventure) but maybe it will be included as compensation?

The Indomitable Jeto is out today, so I’m popping up about the place…

We’ve wrapped the hotfix and it’s been tested, we’re just waiting for the green light from all our platforms that we can push the Big Red Release Button ™.

Fingers crossed this will be out to you in the next couple of days. We’ll keep you posted!

Our plan is to rerun the Adventure once the Hotfix is out and settled, and do other comp as needed.


So are we getting Khazdhuli relics as compensation?

Compensation will be organised once the fix has been released, other than Morgs mentioning we will be rerunning the Adventures, we do not have any information at this stage while we focus on getting these fixes out.


Current adventure I’m not able to start or play even after daily reset or multiple game reset or trying on mobile. I also wasn’t able to finished the previous adventure because of the same bug of not loading.


@Cookie moved your reported to the thread of the same issue - this, as mentioned in the Hotfix Update thread, has not been resolved yet

Will the bug be fixed in time for Dreamhold Expedition?

If us players can replay the last two bugged adventures then i don’t even think compensation is necessary. I just didn’t want to miss out on relics that seem almost impossible to get from caches and chests. Thanks for the fix but maybe in future updates consider increasing the drop rates for glyphs and mythic relics because the grind is tedious. I know for a fact that particular part of the game is what makes most players quit the game. If you want to maintain a healthy player base then in my opinion drop rates need an increase.

What I’d suggest if possible, would be to run the missed adventures concurrently with the new ones coming up.

Having asked here for some justification directly in the game, I would like to thank and praise you for doing so. More than the value of the compensation itself (which, by the way, is not owed to me as I managed to complete the Adventure without any problems), a word given to the players shows respect, which is greatly appreciated. As for the last adventures, I agree with KenpoKid69 suggestion if that is feasible.



In case anyone missed it in the relevant thread:

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It says that Unicornicopia is up next though…

They’re being run concurrently I believe. 1 for 3 days and then the other for 3 days. I think that’s great, but my biggest concern is since both adventures have had their time shortened to 3 days…is it still possible to finish Khazduli Expedition in 3 days? Normally its 7 days, but perhaps the devs have changed or even removed movement on it for this time.

Most Adventures are possible to complete in 3-4 days - with the exception being Dragonking’s Prize which has a minimum duration of 7 days.
We have run the Khaz adventure for a longer duration before, but the reschedule is for the dates mentioned above.


After Dreamhold Expedition, Unicornicopia was listed next, but now it’s been replaced with Borderlands Bash.

Unicornucopia is still displaying for me?

This is what I have now.

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Checking with the team, as I don’t know if this screen can display more than 2 Adventures at a time. But when Dreamhold ends, Unicornucopia should appear again as it starts after that one is finished.

Unicornucopia is still scheduled, it’s just Borderlands Bash starts sooner than it does.

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I’ve seen 3 on this screen, but I don’t believe anymore than 3 have ever been scheduled close enough to each other at once to require scrolling on this screen.

My current adventure screen