[REPORTED] Daily Deal not able to purchase

Platform, device and operation system
Nokia 8 Android 9

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
My Daily Deal IV today is a Diamond Key for 3,600 gold. When I click on it, it comes up with an error message “Unable to purchase. This Daily Deal is not available.” and then the game hangs, so I have to force close.

Daily Deals 1 to 3 I purchased just fine today.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Have purchased multiple Daily Deals on previous days without issue.

Steps to make it happen again
Try to purchase Daily Deal IV

I experienced this too, here is a screenshot if wanted.

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Experienced it today. I used gems to refresh daily deals and the first deal I tried to buy gave me this error (diamond key; grrrrr…). I changed winow’s, came back to the shop and I was able to buy the other deals but not the diamond key (…grrrr…)

Yep , same here, tried to buy the diamond key, game says unable to purchase and then freezes. Tried a few times

Confirming still happening, and with half-price Ruby keys as well as the previous half-price Diamond key previously mentioned:

The game then freezes on this third screen and needs to be force closed.

Confirmed, still happening as of today.


Happened to me today

I’ve passed this on, thanks for letting us know!

Update: We have a fix, and the next time the client is updated it will be in game.

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