Daily deals...one item for coins

Are daily deals the same for everyone?

The last two days, I’ve only had one item (240 weapon shards) available for any coins. Rest are crowns and gems.

Where’s the deals?

Daily Deals have been terrible for me lately too. They 100% need a refresh or update.

I had 2 for coins, 1 for diamond, and then 3 for crowns (2 of which were Relic deals so 1440 crowns each). Its not just you.

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No, its completely random and different for everyone. And I have had days where there was nothing available to buy, everything was gems and crowns, which is pretty annoying.

To be honest, the real deals are in Bazaar and adventure. You want to be very careful what you buy in the store, as most of the deals there aren’t really deals.

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This is the 3rd consecutive day of nothing to purchase in the shop for gold, only for gems & crowns, and it happens fairly often to me.

I posted about it on here previously but it got lost amidst the complaints about other issues going on in the game. Maybe the shop rework will go some way in rectifying the problem?