[Reported] Dreamhold Walkers Never Give Haste

There is a typo, sure. But more importantly there is a problem with the coding. These babies never give haste. I have applied 100s of status effects wearing these but have never seen haste.

Please fix this ASAP.


I don’t know how they are supposed to work - but what if the “to” is actually supposed to be “from”
So you get a chance at haste if you get a negative effect applied to you?

That is not how they are supposed to work.

This is how they are supposed to work:

As @00h00m says, the boots are bugged and do not give Haste ever when applying negative status effects.

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Ah - right
Thanks for clarifying

I should have known being bugged was more likely than the incorrect wording being relevant

@Kafka @Jeto
Any chance you can get this confirmed as a bug soon?

I wish there was a much urgency to fix bugs that affect the players negatively as those that work in our favor.

Currently there is a growing number of bugs that are making the game less enjoyable:

  • Dreamhold Walkers do not proc (proc rates on other Dreamhold items seems suspiciously low too. More testing needed.)
  • Warlock Ultimate (Brimstone) buffs wrong colors
  • Freezing during gameplay
  • Level XX encounter win breaks kingdom page
  • Permanent debuffs overwriting turn based debuffs.

Hey everyone,

There’s a typo in the description, currently working on getting this out (in ENG) and then as soon as possible will update other languages.

This gear should have the description “When receiving a negative status effect from the enemy, there is a X% chance to gain Haste for 4 turns.”

The gear item already says this in game. Are you sure you didn’t mean to say “applying” instead of “receiving”?

The whole Dreamhold concept is about applying negative status effects.

Previously as shown in the screenshot it was “When receiving a negative status effect to the enemy…”
And it is now changing to “from the enemy…”

Apparently we now know that this is indeed how they are supposed to work which makes the boots utter crap.

Well that is not optimal
Given the update notes you posted, I thought it was very clear how it was supposed to work
A possible reward for fae trickery (and something you can influence or control based on spell/gear choice)
But apparently its a potential boon if someone puts a negative effect on you - so nowhere near as good in most cases

Just in case it is not clear, they still never give haste. Regardless of wether or not you are receiving or giving a negative status. I have tested as much as I can reasonably handle, with a 16% version, getting debuffed ~100 times, no haste.

Just following up on Haste being applied, and I can confirm it is being applied after receiving negative affects.

Testing on my own account, while it took a number of times for a negative affect to be applied, have experienced 5 different instances so far where after my hero had a negative status (burning in one test, confused in another) Haste was received.

This is still a percentage chance, so every time a negative affect is applied, that instance has a 16% chance, as opposed to 16:100 times will gain Haste.

@Jeto I just ran another set of tests and was finally able to get a proc after 14 negative spell effects applied.

Now that we have cleared that hurdle, can you pass on that I think this piece of gear is wildly out of balance.

I am literally doing nothing else but TRYING to fill my opponent’s mana so they can negative-spell-effect me. Actively not killing opponents to give them a chance to cast their spells at me. Doing that, it still took about 8 full dungeon runs to finally get haste to show up. I think the percentages should start at 50% and work up to 100% at mythic given that in every mode of play you are trying to avoid negative effects. Realistically I survive most (90%+) dungeon runs without ever getting a negative status effect put on me.

If the expectation was to receive a negative status every turn, then a 20% cap might make sense. When you combine the infrequency of negative statuses and the low percentage of the proc is, it would be plausible for most players to not see a haste applied from the boots through an entire session of completing daily content. I know I wore them for a few days of normal play and did not get one haste, but that was before I was playing intentionally bad (for testing purposes) so the opponents could inflict me.