Speed is currently a negative status effect

There is currently a really large issue with the speed stat in PQ3 that makes it detrimental to the player to have it higher.

In PQ1/2 it was useful due to it determining who moved on the board first; however, in PQ3 it just hinders the player.

As it currently works, every 10 speed results in 0.1 more seconds to take the player’s turn once the timer starts. This is somewhat useful up to about 2.5-3 seconds, but starts to have an extremely time consuming detrimental effect once that timer starts to get to around 4-10 seconds extra per turn, making a player have to wait needlessly for minutes over the course of a dungeon.

The main issue with speed currently is:

  • There is nothing a higher speed does that a lower speed can’t already do, already making it do nothing for players that take their moves very quickly.
  • There is no way for a player to force end their turn, so long timer will always play out wasting minutes over the course of dungeons.
  • It stacks infinitely, so high level equipment can get to around 10-30 second wait times PER TURN.
  • No spells nor equipment have a boost ratio off of speed, making nothing actually stronger from this higher speed stat.

While there are many ways to fix this by doing one or multiple of them, some potential ideas to make speed not hurt the player while not touching the higher timer mechanic include:

  • Have a way to force end turn, even before the timer starts.
  • Make every spell that currently increases speed have a boost ratio to their secondary effect based on current speed, or even a 3rd effect that only checks speed and not power.
  • Add spells that utilize the speed stat for part of their effect.
  • Have at least one weapon, one boots, and one non-boots utilize speed for some kind of additional boost ratio effect.

Amen! Other than the occasional weirdo glitch where gem swipe doesn’t want to register, I’ve never really had occasion to wish I had more time to do my move. Some people are slower at swiping or maybe struggle with remembering what they planned for the move. So I get why speed is here.

However, it sounds like at the very least there should be a hard cap on it to avoid the nightmare scenarios. Considering you can plan your moves for hours, and the board is small, its really hard to imagine anyone ever needing more than 4 seconds tops. (I personally don’t even see needing 4 but I bet its a thing.)

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Most match 3s with the multi-move per turn mechanic have turn end if you try to make a move that isn’t a match (or they allow you to make that last move, but your turn ends - which can be useful to plan for falling tiles).

I think the best solution is an explicit “End Turn” button; that way, having 10+ seconds to move becomes exclusively an upside.

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An alternative option could be to have the game automatically end the turn when there are no more matches on the board. At that point, having a 10-30 second wait time would be extremely beneficial (although with diminishing returns; I’d love to have 5-6 seconds after I start moving gems). Plus you become essentially immune to the gorgon spell.

This one is already implemented in game. When there is no more matches on the board, the turn will end automatically and the board will resolve automatically (including any any “pre-matched” gems).

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It would be helpful to your argument to explain how you are reaching 20-30 second plus turns.

On an educated guess, I am presuming that you are looping with multiple pieces of gear that each have +percentage Speed boosts upon casting a spell effects on them causing multiplicative scaling, eventually spiraling out of control.

The question then becomes if this is intended gameplay behavior or not for players. If it is not, then there is a very high probability that this issue is moot because if looping becomes unlikely through the upcoming rebalance, then this scaling issue will not happen and players will never get move timers that large.