Suggestion: Eliminate time limit, replace it with move limit

The time limit is really annoying, it creates a skill game from a brain game. If you limit the number of moves allowed in a turn, instead of the time limit, you introduce the somhow a similar limitations, but without the stress of not being fast enough. Especially frustrating for users with big clumsy fingers with small screens, or disfunctoinal touch screen devices…
Thanks for reconsidering…

Hmmm I’ve never found the time to be an issue except when I have the speed buff and get too MUCH time. In general I actually like the timer. Maybe an option/choice to play with the timer or a turn limit? Although that would be a nightmare to balance, I guess.

Or maybe they can add more ways to increase the timer length for those that need extra time?

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I actually like the timer - makes you think properly before and predict where the gems will go - though I think allowing a single move after the timer ends would be a welcome addition :slight_smile:

There is a time limit, but the timer doesn’t start until you make your first move. Until you move that first piece you have as long as you want to look at the board and plan the sequence of moves you want to make.

The time limit can be increased, through equipment, through spells, through completing more of the tavern milestones and eventually your citadel.

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Still, it makes skill important, which is definetly not somithing you want from a turn based game. Even if I plan carefully my strategy, an imperfect movement can ruin it all. Extremely annoying…

It would be nice if there were ways to spec a character to play this way. Alternative modes and methods to play would add some much needed variety.

I personally don’t mind the time limit. I have some boots that increase the time as I play. After a few battles, I have plenty of time to make the moves I want without rushing.

I don’t mind it either, but why not have more options? Now that I have spells that allow me to fairly consistently keep getting mana and life, the game is rather mindless and repetitive. Minor tweaks to do more damage or get more life/armor/etc, but otherwise, same spells, same enemies, same simple quick matches… :sleeping:

I have no issues with game modes that provide additional options. I was simply replying to the idea that the time limit should be eliminated and replaced with a move limit. If I had to choose between the two, I’d probably choose the time limit because I think it is more challenging and I’ve already played other games with the move limit… so something different is nice sometimes. I’m in no way implying I’m right. Just voicing my personal opinion.

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You are clearly younger. I think this is an issue for older folks, who aren’t as good at twitch stuff. Like me. Not a fan of the time limit.

@AmazonJax Bless your heart. I’m 53 and 11/12ths. :rofl: Younger than some, probably. But I’m going to assume not younger than most. I’m not big on twitchy stuff either. But this isn’t really that. The timer doesn’t start until you make a move, and there is a really small amount of moves to be made on such a small board.

I’m ok with different options for people that want them. But I’m fine with the time limit, personally.


Hey hey!

Loving the discussion on this and I think the option of a move limit could makes things interesting.

However, as it stands the timer is a core game mechanic that Puzzle Quest 3 has been designed and built around so it is extremely unlikely that this will be changed to a completely different “move” system.

I do know that the Dev Team have discussed the potential of adding other game modes/puzzles/mini games to PQ3 far into the future - nothing set in stone or decided on at all here. So if a move limit were to be implemented this could be where it finds its home. However, I can’t make any promises about this at all.

In the meantime, there is some Gear and effects which increase the time on the timer which you may want to consider making a part of your Gear loadout.

Also if you have any further feedback about what exactly about the timer is causing you pain points I will pass it onto the team for consideration.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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