"end turn no more moves" should give a buff

When you get the “no more moves, end turn” after you only moved one time, you should either get a free next turn or some kind of buff.

I just made it to the boss of an event dungeon for the first time. It was nearly dead. So was I. Intense! I was so excited.

Then I got a board with only one move possible - not my mana color. “no more moves end turn”

The next board? Same thing. Only this time the one and only move gave mana to the boss enemy. :upside_down_face:

And I died.

This feels like being punished unfairly due to poor rng. If there is literally only one move possible maybe just auto scramble the board, or at least auto scramble after that one move. Or something. Cause this sucks.

(otherwise love the game. Art is so good, story is decent, the gameplay is interesting and challenging. I agree with others about the time restrictions on chests being pretty absurd. But really like this one!)

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This is related to a post I want to make on improvements the combat in the game sorely needs in general. There’s not a lot of “strategy” or even “puzzle” elements to the current system beyond what your 4 spells grant you, and that is just not enough.