Make timer mode great again

It’s weird that one game mode choice is way better than another. All players from my kingdom and most players I know run at AP mode and timer mode is almost abandoned.

Delete it completely, or give it some unique strength to attract players.
Since strategic option is the staple of AP mode, timer mode needs improvement on other aspects, such as raw power.

Some ideas and suggestions from myself:

-some bonus for quick and accurate manual move.
-extra raw damage bonus than AP mode if achieve heroic effort without any skyfall. example: reduce enemy block and damage reduction for 1 turn. AP mode may gain some bonus on spellcasting as compensate.
-bonus if turn ended forcefully(no more move) after done certain number of legal moves(to prevent easily achieve this with multiple convert and create spell).
-bonus if enemy do less move/cascade than you last turn.

As timer mode only exists on PC/mobile it is likely to be removed at some point in the future, rather than implemented on console.

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Okay, so you decided to remove it. that’s also an answer I’d like to see.

But if that’s the case, I suggest give speed some extra effects, or affect combat more directly, not just boost the effect of certain spell, or just add 1 move at certain value.

e.g. make speed also act as counter stat of block.

Before you do it, please give ample warning in advance. Some of us use timer mode exclusively, and it is likely result in giving up the game… :rage:

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Yes, do give sufficient time for players to change. I know, many like me, use both exclusively for different aspects of the game. So changing will not be easy.
Best thing would be to inform us of the change at least one update in advance. That will most likely give us minimum two months time.

And why not give mouse support to console instead, I don’t understand the logic here, one out of 3 platforms is stuck with controllers so the entire playerbase should downgrade their playstyles? I’m sorry but that’s a very stupid move.


I use Timer mode, and while I can use AP for most of the content, PvP is something I prefer to play with Timer mode. For builds with lower speed stats this is the only way to achieve enough matches of your color or even potential stun as it provides you with as many as you can moves, instead of just 3 or 4.

I played maybe 3 AP fights. In my opinion, playing in AP mode changes the whole point of the game. Turning PUZZLE QUEST into a SAPER game for Windows 89. The TIMER option gives me the emotions I want to feel while playing PUZZLE QUEST.

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