[WIP] Comprehensive Status Effect Guide

Until the official guides are released, lets make a thread documenting the effects of all the Status Effects in the game. This post is incomplete, but I will add to it based on information provided by other users.

Positive Status Effects

  • Barrier:
  • Haste:
  • Heroic: Increases power and attack greatly. Granted for 2 turns when matching one Gem of each color in a single turn (cascades or otherwise).

Negative Status Effects

  • Terror: Characters inflicted with Terror only receive half the benefits from positive status effects like Barrier and Haste.
  • Poison:

There appears to be a quirk with the forums where I cannot edit posts a while after posting until I have about 2 weeks of experience here. Thus, I cannot append my findings to the OP.

Here are some other status effects:


  • Confused charactesr have both their Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage halved.
  • Poisoned characters take 25% extra damage from all sources.