[REPORTED] Dungeon goal Dungeon Name has placeholder name

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Android Galaxy s10+

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Looking at the dungeon goals, Mount Gobknocker is listed as Knock-off time

Screenshot_20210624-083151_Puzzle Quest 3
Screenshot_20210624-085112_Puzzle Quest 3

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Open tavern and go to dungeon goals and view the dungeon names

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I just happened to finish this dungeon on an alt in story mode. Interestingly, when you do the dungeon in story mode (first play on a hero, in other words) it is called Knock off time. After that first completion it changes to to Mount Gobknocker. I haven’t payed close enough attention before to notice if any other dungeons “change names” like this.

That’s super interesting I wonder if any others change name…not sure that I noticed and am through the story with all classes at the moment.

That’s good to know where the name is coming from though

I never noticed it on my previous play throughs. I think I only noticed this time because I had just read your post, so when I saw the banner for the dungeon battle said “Knock-off Time” it got my attention.

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Most likely you are on to something with it being a name that was changed but they missed some spots :rofl:

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Hey friends,

Just reported this to the Team! What a weird one!

Thanks again for submitting

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage:t2: