[Reported] Event battle never loaded second enemy

Platform, device version and operating system
Windows 11 PC

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
In the first fight of my third event battle today, I defeated the enemy but the game did not advance to the next fight. It simply sat in the state you see in the screenshot. There was no indication that the game is processing or connecting (no gems blinking in the bottom right). After a few minutes, I tried rebooting the game.

The game started at the main menu, and the energy for the battle was lost. My score streak was reset to its beginning value, costing me the marks for the battle and 200 gems on the leaderboards.

Just to clear up the scoring issue on the leaderboards (it’s not as if there is any question of the outcome in these battles): A set of three days of perfect scores at seven battles per day is 30870, which is where I’d be if I had been allowed to finish that battle. Instead, I got zero points for that battle (rather than 1650) and my score for the next battle was 1170 rather than the streak score of 1680 - a loss of another 510, which continued as each of the four final battles was 510 lower than it would have been if I were still on the original streak. Those points (510 * 4 + 1650) account for the difference between my current score and the 30870 I expected to have.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I have never seen this happen before.

Steps to make it happen again
The only thing unique about this particular fight is that I was that I was rapidly clicking the “End Turn” button when the enemy died - I wasn’t paying enough attention to realize the enemy would die from my spell, and was trying to get to the next turn and finish him off. The enemy died, the potion dialog came up right as I was clicking “End Turn,” and the potion dialog promptly disappeared. I didn’t have a chance to click the “Continue” button on the potion dialog.

After the dialog disappeared, the game remained as pictured until I gave up and rebooted the game. Animations were normal for the avatar and other things on the screen, they were not frozen. I could hover over spells and gems and still see the help prompts that come up. But the only things that responded to a click were the book at the top right that brings up the Adventurer’s Guide, and the menu button at the top left that brings up the player and enemy stats and has the Retreat button. I could not cast the Ultimate spell ready to go, and nothing I could do would advance the battle to the next enemy.

Further information: I was able to reproduce this error by duplicating the steps above, using one of my two daily event battles (losing more marks in the process):

  • Start an event battle
  • Get the first enemy close enough to death that a spell will finish it
  • Deliver the killing blow with your spell and immediately start repeatedly clicking the “End Turn” button (whether it shows “End Turn” or the number of turns you have left

In this case, the potion dialog actually came up and required me to click “Continue,” but when the dialog went away the battle was frozen as before:

EDIT: more information: after reboot, this second instance actually went directly to the second enemy on startup. There are two differences between this event and the prior one when the battle disappeared. First, the potion dialog behavior was different. But, probably more importantly, in the first instance I thought it was more likely to recover if I switched platforms (I picked up the game with my iPad) than a reboot. In the second instance, I just rebooted. I believe it’s the combination of the error and then switching platforms that lost me the battle.

Firstly, if you switch between platforms please make sure you completely force close your game on one, before launching the other. It cannot just be running in the background or still open, this can cause issues such as a desync in the data travelling to/from the servers.

Are you having this issue, when you are not spam clicking the end turn button?

No, that’s the only way I have seen the bug - by spamming the end turn button as the first enemy dies.

I’ll refrain from picking up the game on an alternate platform without closing in the future!

Okay, I can let the team know but this is likely not intended gameplay actions - I imagine it is queuing a heap of data trying to end the turn and then soft locks up the battle.

Please avoid doing this in future, while we look at trying to prevent it from being possible.