[Reported] Gear screen suggests using an already-equipped ring

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the Gear screen
  2. On the RHS, make sure “include equipped items” is enabled
  3. Equip two rings which have different levels
  4. On the RHS, look at the higher-level ring


The higher level ring has a green up arrow.


A ring in the vault should have a green up arrow iff it outlevels the lowest level equipped ring and is not equipped.

(When a ring on the LHS is selected for replacement, the green up arrows could be further restricted to only rings that outlevel the selected ring.)


The “include equipped items” toggle is next to the sort/filter button:


This screenshot shows the bug. I have a level-44 ring and a level-35 ring equipped. The level-44 ring is incorrectly highlighted as a suggested upgrade (green up arrow).


iPhone 12 mini, iOS 16.3.1