[REPORTED] Gong ascension doesn't give 1 token on day of upgrade

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Upgraded Gong from common to uncommon while having 0 tokens left (not sure if that matters), but in doing so he did not give an extra token on the day of the upgrade.

What I was expecting to happen is he would give 1 token battle for all 3 pvp modes the day of his upgrade.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Once, likely every time though.

Steps to make it happen again
1: Upgrade Gong a rarity.
2: Have some of pvp at full battles and not full battles to see if it interacts differently (all 3 of mine were at 0 battles, so not sure how it works on unused full capacity battles or just not on 0s).

Has this happened since Tacet? Is anyone else experiencing this?

What is meant by Tacet is that if we upgrade Gong’s rarity on the day where we have spent our PVP tokens, the additional token is not given for that day.
So let’s say our token is 0/6.
We upgrade Gong’s rarity from Common to Uncommon.
We assume the tokens will become 1/7 for that day but it remains to be 0.
On the next day and afterward we get 7 tokens properly.

Thank you for clarifying Lelouch.

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The way it is currently working is upgrading Gong will raise the cap number by one, but it doesn’t raise the cap number by one + give the player a token for the day it is upgraded. Simply upgrading the cap number fails to give the player the 1 token for the day of the upgrade since that number isn’t updated until reset time every day.

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Just upgraded Gong to Rare, this time with one tournament at max battles.

It seems to just be adding 1 to the total battle limits, but not 1 to the current day’s amounts of battles.

0/7 0/7 and 7/7 when upgraded moved to:
0/8 0/8 and 7/8

While they will all be 8/8 on the next reset day, the day of the upgrade does not properly add the 3 tokens (1 per tournament) to the total amount of battles.

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I’ve reported this, but no ETA on a fix yet.

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We’ve taken this into consideration and Gong will now give a PVP Token when upgrading :slight_smile:

It has been working correctly since 0.35.