[REPORTED] Infinite turn status effects count as -1 when applying a turned same status effect

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Applying any of the many infinite turn status effects followed by the same status effect with a turn limit will cause the amount of turns of the status effect to be -1 the intended amount. This also occurs when done in the inverse order. This in most situations isn’t that big a deal, but is most detrimental to the Shaman class that has an ability that is dependent on how many turn stacks of poison and venom are on the enemy

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
100% of the time since the start of early access.

Steps to make it happen again
1: Apply any infinite turn status effects, like Channel Poison.
2: Apply a turned based instance of that same effect, such as Poison Spray.
3: The poison effect should now be 1 less than the withering effect due to the infinite poison stack reducing 1 turn of poison from the turned based poison effect.

Before Salty asks for images. XD

Super appreciate the images, thank you!

Unfortunately I’m struggling to understand your bug report so I can verbalise it to the devs. Sorry to ask, but can you please explain this in dot points like I’m a five year old?

What I am understanding is that when an infinity status effect is in play, if a player (in the same turn) uses a similar effect then all similar effects are now active for one less turn.

Is this correct?

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Whenever a infinite status effect is applied to an enemy, whenever that same status effect is applied to that enemy with a turn limit on it, it will be reduced by 1 turn. This occurs regardless of if it is same turn or not.

Same thing can also be done by having a status effect on the enemy and then applying an infinite status effect for -1. For example, if an enemy has 3 turns of blind on it, but then gets hit with an infinite blind off of something like channel light, the turns remaining on blind will go down from 3 to 2.

Essentially any interaction with an infinite status effect will result in -1 on that same status effect when a turn based status effect of the same kind interacts with it.

And this only happens if both are cast on the same turn?

It happens regardless of if it is the same turn or not. Could have the infinite on for something like 10 turns, then apply a 4 turn same effect to it, and on that same turn it would be 3 instead of 4.

It is also possible to multi reduce something on the same turn, such as using Smoke Bomb, Channel Light, and Darkness on the same turn. If Smoke Bomb does 3 turns, Channel Light would reduce it to 2, then Darkness would reduce it to 1, causing a 3 turn effect to last for 1 turn on the same turn due to the infinite effect’s -1 reduction.

It is also possible to stagger the reduction. If something already has the infinite from a previous turn, and the mana for it is refilled, can do something like 5 turn poison the infinite going down to 4 turns on that same turn from a previous turn’s infinite, then reduce it to 3 on same turn from the refilled infinite -1.

Easiest solution is just to make every infinite applying spell do 2/3/4/5/6/7 turns based on rarity and all infinite applying gear do 2/3/4/5 turns based on rarity.

In most situations 3 turns is already way more than enough anyways, so having an infinite option is never applicable. This would balance it a lot more for current and future mechanics that do damage based on status effect stack amounts, as the game currently doesn’t interact correctly with infinite versions of them.

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I’m passing this on the devs now.

Sorry to ask, but a more idiot proof (maybe we should start using the term “Salty proof”)explanation would still be of great benefit to me.

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