[Reported] Name changing error

Good afternoon, my code: JONAS_GOPH . Today, when trying to change my name after the 24 hours announced as necessary, I found a time counter counting down and I was unable to change my name. I restarted both the Game and Steam with no effect. I ask for your attention to this.

I don’t know if it was your intervention, or if Time, this great architect, rectified what was wrong, just to say that I managed to change the name, the counter was already at -35 minutes when I saw it. Thank you for your attention

So you can count yourself as one of the few lucky ones that have been able to see the works of the god of time stretching time into the negatives… Feel honored!

It’s because PQ3, is timeless - sad drum badum tish -

So my bad jokes aside, I have reported this to the team!

It’s not that bad, Jeto, thanks for your attention and Higure, seeing time in action is really special! Especially when going in reverse!