[Reported] Showing part of my email address is not conform with European laws without my agreement

Since latest update we can see shortened email address in kingdom. Please remove it or allow a corresponding setting. I don’t want it!

There’s been a few messages between 4 of us on our Kingdom discord and it seems that for two people the name comes from the apple games centre name but for the other two of us it’s not (I’m on android). Just sent a support ticket to ask what’s going on. Incidentally it shows these names on the PVP and Event leaderboards too.

EDIT: For another person it shows their steam name… so it looks like that is where mine came from too. (Not that I have played the game using steam in months)

EDIT 2: If you are trying to achieve an unique identifier in the game no matter which hero the player is using wouldn’t the players PQ3 account name be a better option?

Yes, a very serious matter. I too have this in my account. I also play on Steam, if that helps. Remove at the earliest and seriously this should never have occurred.

It is also shown in pvp. Actually both in fights and the ranking list it’s only shown for people who already logged in today probably.
It’s clearly against the EU data protection directives. They shared a personal identifier that’s only for technical use and there isn’t even a facility to opt out.
It could be called misguided if it was only within the kingdom (to find each other on steam chat maybe). But in pvp? That’s total reckless idiocy that’s useable for account compromising attacks.

But the most infuriating thing is: for months now the mantra was “Be patient, we have a small developer base and everything is concentrated on console launch…” And – not for the first time sadly – they wasted development resources on a feature that no one wanted, no one needed, and there is no conceivable use for it anyway…

It should be disabled ASAP. As in when the first developer wakes today, not when the 2.1 comes out or something.

What it seems to be doing is pulling steam profile name or google play name. Not sure about IOS.

Another thing I am noticing now is that my various leaderboards all list my main hero instead of the hero I actually used. Not sure when this second thing changed, but I know it used to list the hero I actually used, at least for pvp. What is the point of even having different hero names if they are not shown?

Hey everyone, I’m on this asap first thing today!

Following this up with the team, it appears in-game it is displaying the your public nickname/user name on that platform, for example Steam/Google Play/App Store.

But we are still looking into this further as if emails are displaying this is something we very much do not want to have occurring. If your email address is being displayed, and it’s not that your email is also part of your publicly viewable username on any other platform…

For example, if my username on Steam is Jeto but my email is also jeto@domain.something etc this is publicly viewable. But if it was my Steam username is Jeto but it was displaying something like PuzzleQuestJetoSecretThings@domain.something this would not be public.

…can you please submit a ticket here, please include your PQ3 name code (shown in the Settings screen), what platform you are playing on and if possible a screenshot.


Can i just add, i only want immediate friends and family to know my tag on other consoles, your implementation allows “randoms” to know or misuse this info. it’s a major faux pas on your behalf and as others have said quite intrusive. please fix asap.

Update from the team:

We are in the process of implementing a temporary solution to remove the secondary name from players’ profiles, leaderboard, Kingdom Roster etc, with a major ‘fix’ to this released in 2.2.

For console players, displaying your gamer tag/PSN id is a requirement from XBOX/Sony and it will still show.


  • Investigating a push that will remove the Android, iOS & Steam platform names
  • Platform names (gamer tags/PSN id) will only be viewable on console, as this is a requirement from the platform.

If I have any further information, updates or changes, as always I’ll jump back in here.

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Hi Jeto, thanks for the update.
This item is a serious matter and waiting until 2.2 is totally inacceptable.
Please increase the priority at your team and enforce the push of whatever solution.

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As mentioned, there is a temporary solution in the process of being pushed out as soon as possible. the process of being rolled out to live accounts. Which will remove this displayed name from Steam & mobile.

And the major fix, releasing in 2.2 as that is the earliest it can be implemented.