[Reported] Some Platinum pass seasonal skins not specifying so

There is an issue in the explanation of where to obtain the different premium skins that were unlockable via platinum pass of their corresponding season. 4 of those skins appear correctly as “Unlock this Skin from the Platinum Pass in Season X”, but the other 3 just say “Unlock this Skin in Season X rewards”. This can be misleading to players who believe they can obtain those skins but cannot find them.

Skins with correct explanation:
Season 1.1. Khazdhuli Paladin skin
Season 1.5. Scavenger Shaman skin
Season 2.0. Corrupted guard Warlock skin
Season 2.1. Doomed Mercenary Skin

Skins with incorrect explanation:
Season 1.2. Underworld Assassin skin
Season 1.3. Dreamhold Berserker skin
Season 1.4. Fallen Necromancer skin (labeled as Necromancer Ice Mastery skin, which I believe it can be another error)

Here are screenshots of each of them:

Hey @HigureTheStillWind

Thanks for the screenshots, I had previously reported the Necromancer so I shall add the other two to my list in need of updating!

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