[Fixed in 2.5.1] New Necromancer skin error notification

New Necromancer gives multiple error notifications after you buy it whenever you use Necromancer or switch back to another character. The game still works, its just annoying is all. Similar to the Dragonking axe adventure where you keep getting error notifications but close them all and keep playing.

Its a series of 4 error messages all overlapping and saying the same thing.


Confirmed. The icon for the new Necromancer skin is missing on the Hero Management screen. The skins themselves have no issues once selected.

Ah, this was a known issue which we missed off the patch notes, I’ll add it in there now!

It will be fixed in the hotfix, game version 2.5.1.

Thanks for reporting it and sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!


Thanks, any ETA on when the hotfix is happening and what’s going to be on it exactly?

We’ll post more details soon but for now we just have these 3 fixes listed for the hotfix in the patch notes:

  • Element Icon is missing from Items, Spells, and Minions in the Inventory List & Loadout

    • Fixed in 2.5.1 Hotfix
  • Daily Deals and Kingdom Bazaar items for Spell Pages show as “1 Random Spell Page”. However, they are awarding the correct number of pages for a spell.

    • Fixed in 2.5.1 Hotfix
  • After purchasing the Season Platinum Pass and receiving the Eldritch Necromancer Skin, the icon for the Eldritch Necromancer Skin is missing and changing Hero to and from the Necromancer causes an error message

    • Fixed in 2.5.1 Hotfix
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