[REPORTED] Unable to battle/load assets

[I’m now seeing that the issue is only happening when trying to start a battle with a specific hero of mine.]

For several days now, I’ve been completely unable to play. It started as being stuck loading assets when trying to begin a battle as shown in the below screenshot (it appears I’m not able to embed media in a post). This was true on both iPad and iPhone.

After deleting and reinstalling, I chose to download all assets and then was stuck, after finishing download, on a loading assets screen.

Tried one more time choosing to “play now” and download assets as needed. Able to load the game main menus, but right back to where I was in the above screenshot again.

Any help would be appreciated

If you are on the community discord you can post the photos there and we can link them into this discussion.

Discord link - Puzzle Quest 3 Community

Total speculation on my part, but if you can get into the game, but stuck when playing with one hero, check their spell loadout. Do you have two of the same spell equipped? I saw something in game chat the other day that a player tried that and got blocked from playing until they removed the duplicate spell.

Absolutely nailed it. This was the issue!

Thank you!

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Hey all,

Shared this with the team and it should be an easy fix! :sparkles:

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: