[Fixed] Failure to load scene

Im on a android. When i start the game a screen come up and says failure to load scene with a bunch of https code and numbers. Then i click ok and it goes to the next screen and i cant do anything. Im on chapter 3 story #10
Trying to put a screen shot. Its not letting me.

Migrate your data to Steam and play it there, then report back to me.

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I have exactly the same problem.

There’s already a thread related to this.

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Same problem.
Playing Merc.

Heyas, this is related to the thread Intelligent linked.

The team are looking into it so we can try to get this fixed for you asap.

I’ll let you know when I have an update.

Hi folks, this should be fixed now, please try force closing and re-opening the game and let me know how you go.

EDIT: Game is working after restarting PC. It may have caused by PC went in “Sleep mode” while the game is working.
Game crushed at the end of a PvP battle with this error. I keep getting same error and game is not starting.