[Fixed] Kingdom defense without terrain assets

The mode “works” well but before entering a message appears

And at entering the mode you see your character, the dragon, the gems board but not the background or the terrain of the battle.


Hey @Rrildo

What platform are you playing on?

Android 12 Jeto, on a Samsung a33 mobile

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Thank you, passed on to the team and we have spotted the issue!

Update: While investigating these missing assets we did find a couple others that have also not uploaded by the looks of it, in case anyone else encounters this same issue elsewhere.


Update: Android players may currently also be experiencing a black screen, while we attempt to resolve the missing asset issue.
This can be resolved by clearing your cache and restarting the game.
If this has no resolved this, and your game is already linked and verified to your email address, attempt reinstalling.

I mean, it looked cool and gave me a nighttime vibe…

Hi folks, this should be fixed now, please try force closing and re-opening the game and let me know how you go.