[Resolved?] Error code for account

Locked out of account code. @Jeto

Its from my friends account. I tried to login with my playstation and my account works but her account is still locked out.

Here is the invite code and the error code the playstation gave mex. Hope it helps pin point this issue.


This account is also in my kingdom on playstation and hasn’t worked since monday

@Jeto please look into this as my friends cannot enter the game at all. We are in the Gem Raiders on playstation.
We would greatly appreciate it.

Samy was in a coop dungeon battle with me about 3 hours before the new season started. During the battle her game messed up and she has not been able get on after that.

Are you trying to login with their account under your PSN, which already has your PQ3 linked to it - Or are you also using their PSN to access their account?

As you can only have one PQ account linked to one PSN account at a time.

I guess it works now so thank you.