[Resolved] Skirmisher achievement not unlocking on Xbox

Platform: Xbox Series X

Issue: The “Skirmisher” achievement is supposed to unlock when you have won 5 skirmishes. I have won 24, but the achievement has not unlocked and the progress is stuck at 80%, so it’s only detecting that I’ve won 4, as you can see here: -

You can see from the in-game challenge screen (bottom-right) that I have received the 20 gems for winning 5 skirmishes, so I’ve definitely fulfilled the requirements for the achievement: -

Other players have unlocked it, so it’s possible that the most recent update to the game broke it as I only started playing a few days ago and 1 game update has been released since then.

Hey @Sigma

When you click on the Skirmish goal, anywhere over it, this has triggered the achievement for some other players?

Also, are you only playing on Xbox or cross play between console and mobile/PC?

I tried clicking on the Skirmish goal and nothing happened, but then I spammed the A button on it and the achievement popped. Thanks for that tip!

I’m solely playing on Xbox.

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