Season 1.1 - Comparison of Free-to-Play, Gold Pass, and Platinum Pass (with downloadable spreadsheet)

It’s likely that the Goals list is just a generic Season template that is going to be recycled every Season. New class, new dungeon and gear set, 4 pets, 4 spells, 1 special legendary thing.

As you note, in the game’s current state, some of these goals are just not mathematically possible, even for the deepest of spenders. Perhaps these goals are tuned towards some future version of the game where power creep makes obtaining higher rarities not as difficult as it is now.


A significant portion of the Goal list is unachievable, while another significant portion yields rewards that are greatly insufficient for the time/effort/investment needed to obtain them. Finishing more than 60-70% of the Goal list seems rather implausible currently.

The implications for the Eveline restrictions are rather huge.

If the intent, which is currently being signaled, is that each Season is locked in its own little pocket universe both during their Season and afterwards in the Archive, then that would mean every new Season 8-9 weeks apart would be a never-ending slate of “limited-time sales”.

That would also mean that all 15 of the Followers would be locked in their own pocket universe of Story mode and would potentially never have access to any of the content past what existed as of 1.0, outside of Xione having access to each new class’s 10 base spells.

Granted, there’s the somewhat distant follower revamp that is tentatively scheduled. Something could happen to change the situation, but my current stance on the situation is dubious at the moment.

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HI, and sorry for my english.
About Eveline restrictions, if they not change that i will stop to play the game, because that’s make unable to get other relics i need to upgrade my actual staff to epic and so i couldn’t finish the story. So it’s not fair … season must be something more and not supposed stopping your progression in game.
So I hope they just forget to add Khazdul relics in Eveline exchange … I made a post in bug section …

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Without Eveline’s ability to exchange core relics for seasonal relics, it is impossible to complete all seasonal objectives. But, even if they were, we are still locked behind Glyphs, meaning only very heavy spenders will have a chance to complete the goals before season end

We do have Ancient Coin, meaning that - theoretically - they can be used to purchase caches after season for a chance to obtain the relics needed for mythics. This will only be useful for completionists, or in the event that we have events in the future that use this seasons enemies so that the set effects actually become useful.

As it stands, Seasons is not limiting success in any way, as there is no current content that requires the seasonal items at any level to complete. In fact, players who have not progressed enough to complete all content are limiting themselves by choosing to use glyphs to evolve seasonal items instead of core items.

It seems that we can expect this type of system moving forward, so I would suggest using seasons to get the things you can use instead of worrying about evolving seasonal items.

Updated spreadsheet to capture the fact that 40 Anthrite is awarded for Chapter II: Part 10 (Dungeon) instead of 30 for Chapter I. Assumption is that Chapter III: Part 10 will award 50 Anthrite

60 Anthrite instead. Spreadsheet updated.