Shop is unavailable

When I tick the shop all the game is stunned,every button of function is jammed,and the shop is also can’t get in.anybody tell me the reason and fix it?

Is it working now? My shop is currently working fine. Possibly the server was having for an issue?

I’m having same issue for the last 3 days.
Same thing happens when I try Event shop.
Thought update would fix ut, but it didn’t.

No,still doesn’t work.server is no problem,I am still confused.

Yes,update is not U fix it now?

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I assume you have hard closed the game clearing the phone cache? Maybe also try a phone restart. Lastly try both connecting using phone data only or wi-fi only. None of these may work but it’s worth a try.

Nothing worked. I had to re-install the game. If it happens again, I’ll definitely stop playing.

@BeliLuk you wouldn’t happen to be using a VPN are you?

And just confirming, you are no longer having this issue?

No VPN, just regular WiFi. You can say issue is resolved cause I re-installed the game and now I’m playing from the scratch. But I don’t know root cause, and this resolution won’t work next time.

If you send through a ticket, we can track your account down and get you access to it again if you have not linked your email previously.

I don’t mind playing from the scratch, I really like the game. I’d just hate if the issue happens again.

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@Jeto ; it started happening again. I’ll submit a ticket, hopefully it can be resolved.

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