[SHOULD BE FIXED] Crit chance perks not working correctly

Platform, device and operation system
Samsung S10 5G

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I have 2 pieces of armour that have crit chance perks:

  1. Bloodfang twinblade which is meant to add 2% crit chance for each light gem on the board
  2. Guard gloves which is meant to gain 3% crit chance when matching 5 or more gems

The Bloodfang twinblade has some effect, but it looks the calculation is incorrect (it looks like it’s adding 2% of the crit chance percentage instead of adding 2% onto the crit chance percentage).

The Guard gloves don’t seem to have any effect, no matter if I match 30+ gems, or I match 5+ different matches.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Fulfill the perk requirements and check crit hit chance.

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Related to this bug, can we get clarification from the devs, do the following texts have similar meaning?
“… when matching 5 or more gems” → from Guard’s Gloves
“… when 10+ Ice Gems are matched” → from Royal Longsword

In my personal understanding I thought that both texts have the similar meaning.
For the first one, the effect will trigger when we match 5 or more gems (any color),
while for the second one, the effect will trigger when we match 10 or more blue color gems.
Is this understanding correct?

Because I have a Royal Longsword, which has a text of:
Iceball: Cast a(n) Iceball dealing 300% Weapon Damage as Ice, when 10+ Ice Gems are matched.

I tried to use it today and when I match 10 or more Ice Gems, there is no additional 300% Weapon Damage and there is no additional animation of an Iceball.

I haven’t posted it as a bug report because I’m not sure whether my understanding of these texts are correct.
Also wondering, if these two sentences have similar meaning, why the wordings are different?
You use “x or more gems” in one sentence, while in the other sentence you use “x+ … gems”

Hopefully the devs can clarify about it.

UPDATE: I just got a Rare Guard’s Gloves and I can confirm that the Critical Chance does not increase even though I match 5 or more gems.

Hopefully this bug can be reported and fixed soon. Thx.

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Hello team, are these now working as intended? Or are you still having issues?

Hi Salty,

For Guard’s Gloves, I can confirm that it works as intended now.
Sorry I can’t help you related to Bloodfang Twinblade though since I don’t have that weapon.
Hopefully someone who has it can confirm it later.

Thanks for the quick server fix related to this issue.

Yes Blodfang twin blade also adds now crit chance

Yay! Thanks for confirming team.