Critical Hit & Block Chance Bugs

I’ve been doing builds that focus on critical hit chance, and I’ve been noticing some strange things with critical hit and blocks, particularly critical hits. For example:

  • It often seems that I’m less likely to score critical hits with melee attacks than enemies who have lower critical hit chances (e.g., 10%).
  • One time I had a crit hit chance of 108%, but I did NOT score a critical hit with a melee (skull) attack… resulting in me scoring less on a KD battle and missing out on the silver rewards.
  • With a green Bloodfang Twinblade equipped, I’m supposed to get X crit chance increase per green gem present during the start of the round. Some green-generating spells add to this, while some do not (see this thread: [Investigating] Bloodfang Twinblade: Incorrect Crit Chance calculation - Bug Reports - Puzzle Quest 3 Community ). Also, if I use Mercenary Treasure Gems that remove green gems, my crit hit chance goes down; however, if I remove green gems with Gravedigger, the crit hit chance does NOT go down. Still not sure how crit hit chance is supposed to be calculated for the twinblade.

Just something to point out: it’s been confirmed by Jeto that the twinblade is calculated at the end of a turn, not beginning, so essentially any “start of turn” effects that generate gems will not effect. Here is her explanation:

Now her verbiage is not explicit as to “end of turn” but her description is essentially that all actions are resolved in a matching phase and once everything is tabulated, then the crit chance of the twinblade is calculated. For a start of match order of precedent, the twinblade would calculate based on the starting board and then start of turn effects like Lucky Clover Ring, etc. would apply.

I have not noticed this but I will check it out myself as well. This is the one description that seems to run counter to what was intended. Are you using the Mercenary Gems before matching phase or while the matching phase counter is running down? If its the latter then the % chance is being recalculated at the end of the Speed timer and the newly resolved board state which might be the reason you are seeing the chance fluctuate.

Hi @Sibelios ! Thank you for your detailed explanation. I think this might make things make more sense overall. The Merc Gems effect I’m referencing is being observed BEFORE matching gems, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter at all, assuming bloodfang twinblade (BFTB) crit chance is being calculated after matches are made. The problem is that if BFTB crit chance is calculated based on gems present after matches are made, then it is almost impossible to check the effect that the BFTB is actually having since the only time you can check is during the brief time matches have been made and it hasn’t switched to the enemy’s turn. Meh, this is too confusing and opaque.

Yeah I think the way you would have to test is to ensure that you don’t have any “start of turn” gem creation effects in your gear so that your “start of turn” board is the same as your “end of turn” board (provided the enemy doesnt have a gem creation effect)