[Investigating] Bloodfang Twinblade: Incorrect Crit Chance calculation

Platform, device version and operating system

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Bloodfang Twinblade is supposed to add X to Critical Chance for each Y gem that is currently on the board. However, the total added amount does not get calculated correctly under certain circumstances. This is not the same ticket

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It is a consistent issue in all battles.

Steps to make it happen again
Let’s say you have the following equipment (with all other equipment slots blank/empty):

  • WEAPON: Red Twinblade
  • SPELL: Channel Fire → converts any gems to red
  • SPELL: Scorching Ray → converts blue gems to red
  • SPELL: Burning Hands → converts green gems to red

The twinblade will correctly increase crit chance after using channel fire to increase the number of red gems. However, it does NOT increase crit chance after additional red gems have been created using Scorching Ray or Burning Hands.

Now let’s say you have the following setup (with all other equipment slots blank/empty):

  • WEAPON: Red Twinblade
  • RING: Firewalker’s Ring → converts any gem to red

In this situation, gems converted to red by the ring don’t get added to the crit chance until after a turn has end. This can be tested as follows:

  1. Manually end turns you’ve ended a turn without making a match AND without getting a gem getting converted to red. Take note of your crit chance at this point.
  2. Manually end turns until a red gem is created by the Firewalker Ring (NOTE: if a match is made, then start over). Take note of your crit chance at this point. It should be unchanged from the prior one.
  3. Manually end your turn one more time. Assuming no matches were made and you have the same number of red gems, take note of your crit chance. It should now reflect the total number of red gems, including the created one.

To summarize, the Twinblade buff takes into account gems created by the Channel spells before the end of the turn, but does not take into account gems created by other spells/buffs (e.g., Firewalker Ring, Scorching Ray, Burning Hands) until after the end of your and the enemy’s turn.

I believe this is similar, but different, from the bug reported here: Bloodfang Twinblade passive is not consistent with battle stats - Game Feedback & Ideas - Puzzle Quest 3 Community


I have passed on this expanded report to the team for some further testing!

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: