Some Honesty, please, pretty please

I defend the game in world chat and in discord based on excuses which I have no insight on.

Projections such as “Australia had a lockdown” and “Covid has us all backlogged”.

Now there has been a recent dearth of communication.

There is GOW and (I deared look) PQ3

and a slight difference to a new face in the community (I dropped out of the GoW forums a long time back).

So, please some honesty - if the 11 hours versus 7+ days reflective of where this game is going - to the bin?

I (and I am sure a good amount of community rooting for this game) do not mind some delays, even a “we have a flagship and a baby and a time comittment of 1 hour for every 12 on GoW” - whatever.

But these screenshots suggest a dead game that the devs didn’t give enough of a shit about to let the community know.

I hope not. While I am a long-term GoW player I really enjoy PQ3 and would love for PQ3 to have the same longevity, but the lack of all kinds of community work and care for the game is writing reality in stone. Reality that this player does not like, but hey, at some point every escapist needs to face it and find a new escape route…


Is there a direction, a goal, a mission, something to wait for other than an update that makes little difference which we also haven’t had in a while?

Are we barking up the wrong tree?

I have (d) trust base on the longevity of a great game which I have been playing for a long time (hint: gow). I also had hope based on marrying this longevity with a great franchise (hint:pq1, pq2, …). Dird we get a mutant baby?

Please provide some insight into what is coming to the dying community!


I’m just here to voice my shared overall frusteration, not bothering with writing more though.


Amendment, just noticed. There are major gaps.

Please provide an indication that our current MAIN CONTACT after salty is - uhm - working on the game, maybe, or, maybe has a 10% effort here and 90% at GoW, or something, so we have an idea of where this is going if anywhere?


Love you mate, you definitely are rooting for the cause.

Please @Jeto and co - workers,

are we rooting for the wrong cause?

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+1 for what is going on? what are you doing? Is anybody still there?

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Yes, Jeto or somebody, at least give us a very rough road map or something about the future of this very good game. Btw, does all these recent postings on PQ3 FB point to something good ?

At this point, clearly they think they have a winning strategy of complete non-interaction since we all keep sticking around despite experiencing arguably one of the worst customer engagements of any game.

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This sort of shit is why I play WWE Champions.

Since they are investing time in apparently making regular Facebook posts trumpeting the game (while completely ignoring this forum), I recommend visiting Facebook PQ3 site (Puzzle Quest 3) and leave your thoughts there. They even respond to comments there!



Just letting you know that we have at least 3 CX agents looking after both game forums, not just Jeto. We also had Christmas and new years recently when each of our CX team members took a turn basically taking a week break from work.

We are checking the PQ3 forum every to every other day. However, we rotate which staff member is looking after the forums each week.

We won’t reply to every thread, sometimes it’s ok for everyone to have a discussion amongst themselves and we can just take notes from the side. We often can’t make promises about feedback and ideas, and sometimes even saying something was a good idea can be seen as a promise to action something, or maybe we already have something in the works regarding some feedback or ideas but aren’t able to release any information or confirm anything yet. When we can we do :slight_smile:

We try to reply to every bug report thread either by commenting or by leaving a note in the thread title.

Currently PQ3 is very small and due to covid our release timeline got pushed out, so things are a bit quieter here in the beta than they are on Gems of War which is a fully released live game with new content coming out every single week.

I’ve taken the feedback about communication on board, I’m reviewing the community forum and socials and I’m talking with the team about improvements that can be made.


Thank you for the posts tonight - please don’t take my frustration personally, I’ll try to turn it around!

This is an example of a great piece of information that can be shared with us with very very little threat to whatever it is that you think you’re keeping “secret”.

Cool. Thank you for telling us that it got pushed out. Maybe a quarter? 2? Dunno - you don’t have to answer but I am happy to know that someone somewhere is making decisions about the game

I also understand that GoW demands a much stronger demand of resources due to weekly events. Would you say that it would be a similar direction that you’re going to take with PQ3? Once the team is fleshed out, is that a goal?

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