Spell Rework Road Map

I think the above screenshot was the last time @Jeto posted on the spell rework road map matter. Since that was more than a month back, can we expect anything ‘soon.’
Also since spell rework looks like a major overhaul, we players hope you give us a broad picture before finalising the whole rework.
I know we players don’t have a major say in how the developers plan the game. But isn’t it better that you get sufficient time to hear our views and make any corrections on the final update on changes that may be detrimental to the smooth running of the game.

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Currently, @Mother_Morgz is undertaking the epic task of writing the Spell Rework Blog. It’s massive and there is a lot we want to cover in advance of the release, so it will take some time around their other responsibilities.

But as soon as it’s ready to share, we will be posting and answering what questions we can in advance of 2.5 - the current goal is early Jan when the full IP2 team is back!