Spells for Main Class

I started a good strategy for my main class, which is Assassin.
My four spells right now with the Assassin are Nightmare Vision (Epic), Night Blade (Uncommon), Blackjack (Common) and Unnerving Strike (Uncommon), which is my strong combo.
What spells are you using for your main class?

I beat the story campaign with:

  • Common Unnerving Strike (Deal high damage and create gems if the enemy has Terror)
  • Common Nightmare Vision (Deal damage and inflict Terror. Used with Unnerving Strike to make gems)
  • Common Blackjack (Deal damage and 50% chance to stun)
  • Uncommon Smoke Bomb (Explode 3 Gems, chance to blind)

You could probably do it with a Common smoke bomb, which would make it possible only using the spells from level up rewards.

I didn’t use any of the spells I got from chest drops and Xione because I didn’t get any. I ended up with like 10 copies of Shadow Dash and Distract. I only just recently got a Channel Poison.