Strategies and Loadouts - How are you beating later battles?

This discussion thread can act as a center for discussion on ideal loadouts and techniques for defeating later missions.

From what I’ve seen, there are a couple ways of doing things.

Assassin's Blackjack

AKA the Tacet strat. Tacet was able to successfully use this strategy to beat the final boss using a severely undergeared character.

Tacet is relying heavily on stuns (Matching 7 gems in a horizontal row to prevent the enemy’s next attack) for protection from enemy hits (which are mostly one shots) and a combination of massive nukes using boosted Night Blades (boosted using Dark Gems from the Assassin’s ultimate), and chip damage using mana matches to make sure the opponent doesn’t claim any turns. He has stated he keeps his Rare gear at level 10 and everything below that at level 1, relying on rerolls/multiple attempts for the harder battles.

Below is the spell loadout Tacet was using as of his Chapter 6 stream:

  • Night Blade (Assassin Level 0): Deal dark damage boosted by purple gems.
  • Unnerving Strike (Assassin Level 15) (120 Mana): Deal more dark damage. If the enemy has the Terror status effect, create 3 purple gems.
  • Lethal Poison (Assassin Level 10): Increase Crit Damage by 50 and inflict Poison for 2 turns (Increase damage taken by 25%).
  • Nightmare Vision (Assassin Level 7): Deal less dark damage. Inflict Terror for 2 turns (Half the effects of positive status effects).

Here is his final boss loadout:

  • Unnerving Strike
  • Blackjack (Assassin Level 30) (75 Mana): Deal less dark damage. 50% chance to inflict Stun.
  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack

I think he got his extra copies from chests, not sure. Before you get more copies of Blackjack, you’ll want to utilize Smoke bomb, which provides crazy amounts of mana and board clearing utility through explosions.

The other Stun options include:

  • Cockatrice Venom (Blue, 110 Mana, Shaman Level 20): Deal ice damage, inflict Venom (take extra damage) and 100% Stun.
  • Poison Spirit (Green, 60 Mana, Craft Only): Deal poison damage, 25% chance to Stun.
  • Shield of Retribution (Red, 120 Mana, Paladin Level 10): Deal fire damage, 50% chance to stun if Shield gems are in play.
  • Intimidate (Blue, 75 Mana, Berserker Level 40): Inflict Terror and Confusion for 2 turns, and 30% chance to Stun for 1 turn.
  • Mask of Terror (Blue, 80 Mana, Necromancer Level 15): Decrease enemy power. If the enemy has Terror, 50% chance to Stun for 1 turn.

As you can see, Blackjack is very powerful, since it has a high unconditional stun chance for its cost. You could also pull this team off using Necromancer Mask of Terror, with Hand of Evil and Night Vision to inflict Terror.

Assassinate (Assassin Level 50: Deal dark damage. 50% chance to instantly kill if the target is less than 25% health) is not a good fit for this team because, as mentioned, you want to kill the target with mana matches so that you aren’t making mana matches while the enemy is still on the board.

Permastun Pally

Paladin has a variety of means to create Light gems and reduce incoming damage, and depending on the board and your loadout you can reportedly easily obtain stunlocks. If you have any good loadouts for this strategy, let me know.

Skull Spam Necro/Berserker

I have heard that there have been some good loadouts that rely primarily on skull damage. If you have any good loadouts for this strategy that are successful for you in the later game, let me know.

Note: Spells come from unlock rewards for classes, from higher rarity Chests, and from a Follower

Feel free to share how you’re doing things, especially if you’ve gotten over the major difficulty hurdles of Chapters 3 and 4. Other users, please scroll through to view information on other users’ strategies, as forum users do not yet have rights to update posts.

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Dwarven Necklace for barrior
Saviours Helm to get it to proc V gems
Bone Rings. yeah there nerfed but still generates mana to get your loop going and or pvp.

Real old thread but I’m using all of these right now.

Even the Bone Rings. I’ve only got one Rare right now but it brings me down to needing only one three match to get up to 50 mana.

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Every class still has a turn 1 infinite with 2x bone ring, dragonguard helm, 3x channel (their color), and 1 damaging spell.

That is with all the % mana starts not currently working too. Once they do, can turn 1 all the gem spawning damage ones without needing savior + dwarven. Max difficulty skirmish can likely be one cycled on turn 1 once percent mana starts allow the big 200+ mana cost spells to trigger before even touching the board.