Where can i get the blackjack spell and how can assassin put out more damage

hi, all, i hv an assassin char already 50 lvl, i didnt get the blackjack spell yet, i noticed in one dungeon can get it b4 1.01, but after the update it’s not there, anyone knows where i can get it now? many thanks!

also i think assassin is easy to fill the first 1 or 2 spell since they not cost so much, but later on lack the power to put out enough damage, like fighting a monster with doom shield, it takes me more than 10 rounds to finish the single monster. anyone hv good solutions on this? my spell is dark ice/darkness/night blade/channel darkness, your inputs are highly appreciated!

hi, guys, any input is appreciated!

Blackjack is available from Mount Gobnocker dungeon - Chapter 7.

I just checked it in game and it shows as a potential reward, though I’ve yet to have it drop myself.

You must be an Assassin when opening the chest in order to see it. If you are another class they will see their potential class reward from that dungeon instead.


See the bullet point with the colorful chart. It’s Dungeon 7

EDIT: Curse you @Avenger! :laughing:

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tks for the tips v/m, bro!

will study yr post, tks, bro!