Suggested UI changes


Not sure if this is the right place to post these, or if you’re looking for this sort of thing (I’m used to the Terraria forums), but there’s a few tweaks that would make the UI a little more fluid on PS4.

  • Pressing □ opens gear menu everywhere outside of a battle, as it does between battles (a great feature)
  • Pressing △ on home screen takes you to the tavern
  • Pressing △ on follower takes you straight to the upgrade feature, as with armour etc.
  • Pressing ◯ on home screen takes you to hero swap list
  • The ability to salvage unwanted items as the chest opens, rather than having to navigate to the gear screen
    *Pressing ◯ on the replenish (is that the right name? Potions etc.) window closes it
  • Make armour crafting menu display common/uncommon gear, as it’s quite misleading now as it only shows the rare gear.

This is a great game by the way.