QoL request: press circle (PS4) to clear potion window


Please add a feature to clear the potion window on adventures & events by pressing the circle button on PlayStation, as you can with most other screens.



I hate navigating to the continue part. Never even use potions, this will be a good feature

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Would anyone be able to grab a screenshot of how it appears in adventures/events and then one on a different screen where you can use the circle button?

If you mean another floating window, the flash offers pop-up window can be dismissed with circle. If you could replicate that with the potion screen we’d love you forever.

I feel that controller shortcuts could be a lot more utilised than they are. For example, L1/R1 could cycle you through both the gear/spells/minions screens, in a similar way to how it takes you through story/battles/rewards in seasonal content.

Pressing “circle” could also make the cursor snap to the Shop, in order to cycle you through shop/tavern/kingdom/battles using the D-pad. This would be a second, quicker option than using the cursor, which can feel slow when going across the whole screen.

Also, pressing “square” could take you straight to the gear menu at homescreen, as it does in story maps. In a similar way, “triangle” could take you to hero selection from homescreen.

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That is a great suggestion. And just to add to this, if Playstation users could also get a controller shortcut to toggle autoplay and to end our turn it would really improve quality of life.


@DragoIV I agree. I asked for this a while back.

Having to manually enable AutoPlay for every battle is a chore. Allow us to leave AutoPlay permanently engaged. I’m surprised this hasn’t been implemented as of yet.

Furthermore, it’d be great if we could AutoPlay PVP for when we have neither the time or the inclination to spend hours attempting better Leaderboard rankings, and just want the basic rewards.

An Auto Chest-Salvage feature would be extremely welcome also. :slight_smile:

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