QoL request: option to skip Rest & Recover

Can we have either have a toggle to turn off the “Rest and Recovery” popup in adventures even when not in autoplay mode? Or at least have it set up on game side so screen doesn’t popup when none of those items are owned?



Never used this dialog, and I completed this adventure many dozens of times already, and will do even more in the rest 3 day. It is so annoying…

I know you UI does not have checkboxes, but you may do it differently. Just add a toggle button “Use Potions” that defaults to “false” in the Prepare screen.

Coupling this with the ability to LEAVE AUTOPLAY ENGAGED.



I think they have heard this feedback enough. If they are going to make this change it will happen when they decide.

I think they’ve heard countless feedback repeated numerous times but it doesn’t stop people reiterating it.

I’m just following suit. :grin:


I posted about this a while ago. Just pressing the dismiss button (circle on PS4) as we can with the flash offers would be enough for me.

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