Suggestion - Enchanting follower

How many of us have played Diablo 3? I feel we need a NPC that can fulfill a similar role here.

An example would be that I have a Savior’s Shield on my Paladin, and it has a poison mastery which is useless to me. I have not seen another rare or higher shield drop in 700 dungeon runs since that one. If I were able to get another, getting shards to upgrade gear regularly and farm the relics for evolutions is nigh impossible as well.

This is likely a similar situation that many other players have experienced aggravation over.

A solution to some of this aggravation would be to replace a follower’s (Elyra perhaps? Cause ew gold🤢) ability with that of an enchanter. E.g. 5000 gold pieces to change the mastery to another one, or 200 gems to choose the mastery it becomes. At least then we would not have to worry about farming shards for eternity to get a new item back up to a respectable level.