Suggestion: Incentive for bug reports and community engagement on forums

Hey PQ3 team,

I had a thought that may incentivize more engagement from the community on the forums, and help dig in to report those bugs. How about making future in-game items that are named for some of our top engaged members (Tacet, Lyrian, EliteMasterEric, etc.)?

Back in the day, my friend and I made maps and community content for the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (diablo-style game for Game Boy Advance) on GameFAQs. The developers took notice, and to our surprise, put rare items in the sequel game (LotR: RotK) that were NAMED after myself and others who contributed!!! My handle was “Nicko”, and they made a charm item called “Nickohare’s foot”. 12 year old me was OVER THE MOON.

Anyway, just a thought I had :smiley:



PQ3 needs a dragon hero class.

But yes, there are at least dozens of bugs I haven’t bothered reporting just because it is so tedious. Normally people pick them up over time, but still quite a lot of them haven’t been reported yet.