The Gear Rework

This discussion isn’t quite as bad as the Lucky Ring discussion, in which we apparently lost all hope and faith in humanity.

True, we’ll eventually get more glyphs months and months later, but that’s not the point. I spent the last two years (and a little bit of money for quest passes) to get all the glyphs that I have used to upgrade multiple items to Lvl 50. I’m on the brink of losing the realized value of 75% of those glyphs. That is a lot of time and money that is going to be thrown away.

This is just a long and personal character attack that distracts from the substance of my petition. Besides, “whales”, veterans, and people with luxury problems aren’t the only people affected by this. How about the “poor casuals” who spent no money but spent months saving up their in-game resources to get weekly armor glyphs, only to realize that after spending 64 glyphs to get 4 Mythic Level 50 armor pieces, almost 50% of those glyphs will be completely wasted on the upgrade from Mythic 45 to Mythic 50? Did you consider these particular “poor casuals”?

Again, another personal character attack. You’re characterizing me as a greedy rich person who is more concerned for my “whale” status than the needs of the poor people. But read my petitions a bit more, and you’ll see that this whole time I’ve been characterizing the loss of glyph value as the loss of money AND TIME spent to get those high-investment resources. In other words, it’s wrong to say that my petition is only for the rich. If anything, it is even MORE directed to the poor who can’t spend anything BUT TIME on getting these high-investment resources. Any poor person who directed those resources to getting a few Mythic Lvl 50s (instead of many Mythic Lvl 45s) is about to those the value of allllllllll that time they spent gathering those resources.

The vitriol and efforts to quash this petition are so unwarranted and unnecessary, because the solution is simple: Just give those glyphs back.