The Gear Rework

I have my whole kit at 50 and several pieces in different colors for the tourney loadouts.

Ok, I have 15 red mythic, 13 50s, 1 49, and 2 45s. And more than 50 orange legendaries, so I should make out well?

Oh my god, this discussion partly again is such a mirror of what happens out there in the real world that I could cry.

Cause the real problem is, nobody here doubts that in the end you will “get” more glyphs with that changes, then you will “loose”.
The thing its really about is that there is no extraextraextra bonus additionally for the whales and the veterans, that have already more then needed anyways. Luxury problem of ppl (like me) with 20 or more Level 50 items, that are now upset that their wealth gets lowered a bit in comparison to others.
Regarding an update that already prefers them and delivers much more for their needs, then for the needs of the “poor” causals and new players, that dont have tons of mythics even not on level 45

Well … its only a game, so I should not mind much … but sadly greed is not a game, its real, very real and it kills our children. And we do nothing to stop that …
Just my 5 cent.


My main point is that everyone will make out well, since the transition will make everyone’s gear similar or much better than what they currently have (although veterans will gain much more as Joker pointed out).

Since you will get lvl 50 battle scrolls:

  • Your 13 lvl 50 items will remain as powerful as they are now
  • Your other 3 mythics will become as powerful as current lvl 50 items.
  • Your 50 legendaries will see their primary stats (damage for weapons, block for shields, armor for armors and resistance for accessories) and elemental mastery increased to values higher than current lvl 45 mythics. So, for example, your current legendary weapons after the rework will do much more damage than current lvl 45 mythic weapons.
  • You will be able to further empower your gear a lot through honing.

So from a perspective of how powerful your gear is now and how powerful your gear will become just right after the transition, you will see a general huge improvement.


Ok, cool! Thank you!


I have to disagree with this assessment for two main reasons:

  1. All epic and legendary items are frozen in time once 3.0 hits. They have lost all future value if there was ever a plan to evolve them.
  2. The perceived ‘gains’ are relative to superior items in the game, which are receiving greater boosts, so truly there is a relative loss of power when compared to the gains made by Mythic pieces.

Glyphs spent on Legendary items, to me, are more lost than those spent on level 46-50. They are consumed and the future goal of evolution to mythic has been removed as well. They are just unrealized Aether at this point, waiting to be replaced by a lucky drop.


This discussion isn’t quite as bad as the Lucky Ring discussion, in which we apparently lost all hope and faith in humanity.

True, we’ll eventually get more glyphs months and months later, but that’s not the point. I spent the last two years (and a little bit of money for quest passes) to get all the glyphs that I have used to upgrade multiple items to Lvl 50. I’m on the brink of losing the realized value of 75% of those glyphs. That is a lot of time and money that is going to be thrown away.

This is just a long and personal character attack that distracts from the substance of my petition. Besides, “whales”, veterans, and people with luxury problems aren’t the only people affected by this. How about the “poor casuals” who spent no money but spent months saving up their in-game resources to get weekly armor glyphs, only to realize that after spending 64 glyphs to get 4 Mythic Level 50 armor pieces, almost 50% of those glyphs will be completely wasted on the upgrade from Mythic 45 to Mythic 50? Did you consider these particular “poor casuals”?

Again, another personal character attack. You’re characterizing me as a greedy rich person who is more concerned for my “whale” status than the needs of the poor people. But read my petitions a bit more, and you’ll see that this whole time I’ve been characterizing the loss of glyph value as the loss of money AND TIME spent to get those high-investment resources. In other words, it’s wrong to say that my petition is only for the rich. If anything, it is even MORE directed to the poor who can’t spend anything BUT TIME on getting these high-investment resources. Any poor person who directed those resources to getting a few Mythic Lvl 50s (instead of many Mythic Lvl 45s) is about to those the value of allllllllll that time they spent gathering those resources.

The vitriol and efforts to quash this petition are so unwarranted and unnecessary, because the solution is simple: Just give those glyphs back.

@Legotech Translation: The glyphs you used to upgrade your Mythics from Lvl 45 to Lvl 50 will not count toward anything post-conversion, with the following exception: The first Lvl 50 item in a particular Battle Scroll group will give you a Lvl 50 Battle Scroll; however, any other Lvl 50 itmes in that same group will be converted to the same power as a Mythic Lvl 45, meaning that glyphs used to upgrade 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/etc. items in that same Battle Scroll group will not count toward anything. The value of those glyphs will be lost post-conversion, unless the developers refund those particular glyphs.

@Legotech This is very true, and the conversion is going to be great overall… As I’ve said before, I’m actually really excited about it. This has the potential to be an amazing upgrade to our system. The only exception is that I object to the loss in glyph value as I’ve described above. Glyph caches take MONTHS of game playing to obtain, so there is no situation in which their value should be thrown away. There’s a simple solution: refund the glyphs used to upgrade 2nd/3rd/4th/etc. Lvl 46+ items in a particular battle group.

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This is an interesting point. In the case of glyphs spent to upgrade 2nd/3rd/4th items in a Scroll group to Lvl 46-50, there’s currently no conversion in the works for that value… it’s all going to disappear post-conversion. At least in the case of having a legendary item, you’ll still have the item, and we can advocate for the developers to provide an option for Followers to upgrade the rarity of an item. But that is definitely an interesting point there.

@AeonNhiyr, here is why I think your resources didn’t vaporize:

  • All the items you invested in, will still be there and are going to be just as strong as before if not more.

Those items didn’t vaporize. Their power didn’t vaporize.

With the spell rework the team gave us back resources and tried to upgrade our spellbooks. People were complaining why per hero, and why not differently.

With the gear rework the team decides to do it differently in a more beneficial way for all of us by upgrading all of our scrolls for all characters with single item per scroll type, and people are still complaining.

Obviously, this generosity from the team, creates imbalanced gains for the different kinds of players.
To me you are just jealous that someone is getting more from this than you, and you are trying to present it as if something has vaporized.

Instead of comparing two different players, compare yourself in 2.5 with yourself in 3.0
If you are worse then before, than I would agree that you deserve some kind of compensation.


A chest plate would make more sense.

This is exactly why I don’t pay-to-play, other than the quest pass - if there’s a good flash offer for crowns. Imagine paying all of that real money getting your gear from M45 to M50 only to find out that both levels are now equal to each other.

Not to mention the insane amount of glyphs a player will need in order to get their scrolls up to level 50 compared to 2.5: it’s like the spellbook fiasco all over again.

Thankfully for me I got the last accessory glyph I needed in the bazaar last night, so I’ve now got 1 weapon, 1 accessory and one armour piece at M50, so my scrolls will be maxed out - unlike my spellbook with now needs 35 spell glyphs PER HERO to get me to a point that 12 glyphs TOTAL would have in the old system.


Battle scrolls being character-dependent is in my opinion a terrible design decision for player enjoyment and probably the worst aspect of the gear rework. In the case of spell books it had some kind of sense due to class-specific spells. But gear has always been class-independent, you could use all gear with any classes, it just got synced down if your character had a lower level than the gear item. This will have really bad consequences:

  • Doing story with same build but different characters to help gathering extra resources and growing the main character will no longer be possible. This will make things much more difficult for starting players.
  • It will prevent players from experimenting with different classes to see which one they like most, and will be a big issue if the player starts with a class that later no longer likes.
  • It will make adding any new class to the game much less exciting, since you will need to spend tons of resources to make it playable compared to your maxed out classes.

I really think that battle scrolls should be account-bound and not character-dependent. If you have a lower level character it could work exactly as gear works currently: the battle scroll level would sync down to the character level and as this goes up the battle scroll level also does. Please, think about this because it would make the gear rework much more better, specially for early and mid game players who otherwise will suffer a lot from it.


Much more sensible. But, as with the spell rework, it’s all about the crowns. You can buy 15 glyphs a week with crowns.

True… but I’m not saying that items or power will be vaporized. Here’s what I’m saying:

  • This update is going to vaporize the value of glyphs used to upgrade more then one scroll group item from Lvl45 to Lvl50. And remember:
  • Those glyphs could have retained their value if gamers had only used them to upgrade multiple items to Mythic Lvl 45. Instead, they unknowingly chose to burn the glyphs when they upgraded more then one scroll group item to Lvl50. This is the Gozerian Query problem - choose well and gain huge rewards; choose poorly and get vaporized.
  • Those glyphs are “high-investment resources” that cost either months of game playing or real world money to obtain.

There are absolutely ZERO circumstances in which it’s acceptable to vaporize the value of high-investment resources, especially when it can be so easily fixed by returning those resources. For a moment, don’t think about what you (the reader) or this community is getting out of this update. Instead, think about the people who exclusively spent game time to obtain these glyphs… All that time is going to be wasted if they spent the glyphs to upgrade more than one battle scroll item to Lvl 50. The fact that the pillars of this community are okay with that… means nothing to the people who are about to feel the burn of making the unknowable “wrong choice” for using those glyphs.

@jeto @Mother_Morgz What are your thoughts on this particular issue?

Here are the things I don’t agree with:

  1. Comparison with other people. As I said, you should compare yourself pre 3.0 and post 3.0.
  2. The example how you spent 2 years and some money to gain those resources. As if the team planned the gear rework two years ago, but forgot to inform you so you can make better judgements about your investments. If anything is eligible for compensation, it should be the resources spent in the past few months, because the could have announced it sooner.
  3. The “vaporizing” value of glyphs invested. The value of the invested resources transformed into powerful items, which made your heroes powerful and allowed you to conquer enemies and seasons during your 2 years of playtime. They served you well up to 2.5. And not only that, but they will continue to serve you well in 3.0 until you find better items from chest drops.
  4. If we assume that the value has vaporized, why do you insist so much on being compensated? What are you going to do with the extra glyphs if they have no value in 3.0? You can’t upgrade gear with them, and your scrolls will be at lvl 50. Does that mean that you want to be compensated with vapor = nothing?
  5. “If I had known” - well, it is not just you who didn’t know, it is everybody. Now that you know, you just want to game the transition period trying to convince us that something vaporized.

Here is a bit about me:

  • I have been playing since Early Access which makes it about two and a half years.
  • I have 10 mythic items - 9 at lvl 50, one at lvl 45.
  • I have invested small amount of money for one season and few offers, but I am mostly free to play type of player.

When 3.0 is released tomorrow, will I be any weaker? - No.
Will the time and resources invested vaporize? - No.
Am I mad that I have 9 lvl 50 items and just one lvl 45? - Not at all.
Am I happy that all my scrolls for all my characters will be at lvl 50? - Hell yeah!
Am I happy for the rest of the changes this gear rework is going to offer? - Definitely! I can’t wait to try them tomorrow.

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Oooh it feels like Xmas Eve not knowing what you’re going to get tomorrow.

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The comparisons have been to provide examples to illustrate what I’m losing, not to complain about what other people are gaining.

The timeframe of the Gear Rework announcement is irrelevant to my argument. Also, the timeframe of when you performed the upgrade is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is what it cost the player to obtain the resource… which is time or money.

Yes, the investment helped me during the past two years, and has set me up well for the future. But this conversion is creating a “branched timeline” in which a percentage of that investment is not contributing to any value in the future. The fact that I still have strong equipment does not negate the fact that a portion of my investment will now be rendered worthless.

With the current trajectory, it’s not an assumption that the value of the glyphs will vaporize - it is the natural conclusion that the value will vaporize. I am asking for these glyphs to be returned - not compensated - so that they can be used for something else, for example upgrading the scrolls of other/future characters. By returning these glyphs, we can prevent that value from being vaporized.
(And to be clear, I’m NOT referring to glyphs used to upgrade the 1st LVL 46+ item in a battle scroll group; rather I’m only referring to glyphs used to upgrade the 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/etc. LVL 46+ items in a battle scroll group.)

Can we cut it out with the personal attacks in this discussion? You have no idea what my motives or intentions are. If I was trying to game the system, I’d be vehemently arguing to get these glyphs back before the conversion so I can upgrade a bunch of other legendary gear to mythic. At this point, I just want to be able to use those glyphs someday for anything, since by tomorrow they will not count for anything anymore.

I haven’t been arguing that you’ll be weaker. Just that you’ll lose the value of a subset of your glyphs.

Incorrect. As I’ve outlined in other examples, the value of a subset of your invested glyphs will vaporize.

I’m likewise not mad at that, per se. I’m upset that some of the value invested in those items will not be converted or returned in any way, shape, or form. That’s fine if you’re not mad at that. But I’d appreciate if you didn’t muddy my petition with personal attacks like I’m trying to game the system.

I’m also super stoked for this too!

I like it so far, but I do miss the icons that were next to the attributes.