The Gear Rework

So ive had 5 mythics so far, all items that i have no intentions of using, maybe will use on pvp, i like the change for the gear but still think the spell change was a total fail, my merc is my main hero and is still at book L49, now i feel like i want to use another hero but that heros book is only L35. Seems im stuck with merc


Maybe it’s time for another poll……


Before you had to wait on glyphs, no matter how much grinding you did. Even if you were in a top Kingdom, the process was painfully slow. Now you simply grind for the gear or spell, till you get what you want, so you essentially have more control now than you did before. Also to be fair, the game has always been grindy, this was just as true before as it is now. Not sure about the casual player comment either. I have several casual players who have massively benefited from this update. One whose a Mom who simply just doesn’t have time to play this as much as she’d like, practically got a full set of mythic Guard in one day. And another player who was getting nowhere is now stoked to play the game again. Luck will of course though affect your opinion on this, I did lose one of my best players because he was having no luck with it, but overall its been more positive, than negative.

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Oh, but can you pull two very similar as your only two pulls? When I pull a third Mythic if it is the same Set, Slot, and Color, I will be even more annoyed.


Welcome to the RNG world… It is full of surprises, excitement, thrill!!! Or so they want us to believe.


No, you don’t. Not unless you’re an end-gamer cranking out dozens of 100-level chests a day. And maybe not even then (See Higure, above).

For non-elite players at least, trying to get gear through random drops is a near interminable, time-consuming process, given how much time each chest takes for them. Think 10-15 minutes per dungeon, not 30 seconds.

Probably quicker, certainly more control, and definitely a lot more positive and enjoyable for such players to hunt down the lower-quality version of an item and then upgrade it to mythic, the way they used to be able to.

I dont know where you find these phenomenally lucky people. It’s a completely different universe than the one I inhabit.

A week of gameplay got me maybe 100 100-level chests, from which I got nothing whatsoever to improve any of my gear. And I’m still about 80% epic / 20% legendary gear. And yet nothing in those 100 chests got me any improvement whatsoever. And certainly nothing mythic whatsoever.


And don’t forget scrolls.

I imagine you must have them all at 50.

Well, again, that’s an end-gamer perspective. Not the norm

I had all heroes at 50 and some gear at 45. Enough that my scrolls are all 45 at 3.0 start. That’s probably better than the average “middie” player.

Even so, I need ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY glyphs, PER HERO to reach that 50/50/50 level.

That’s vastly discouraging. Way more so than the piece-by-piece improvement was before. Makes me give up any hope of ever getting even one hero’s scrolls to 50. It’s too much. Why even try?

So, on top of that, to have ripped away my ability to keep growing my hard-come-by gear up to mythic?

Yeah … little wonder I read about so many pre-end-game players quitting in frustration and disgust.


Hello from the grave.

This 3.0 update is hilarious. Whoever got in early enough and levelled all their characters to 50 and made the lucky upgrade choices in the past get the gravy. Everyone else gets dunked on it seems.

The gear RNG element being heavily leaned on now is no surprise, this is the historical true colours of PQ3 after all.

The cherry on top is how far the stretch is now to begin to compete at end game for early and mid game players… and I thought early access and 1.x grinding was bad enough :rofl:

Glad I left when I did, lol


Level 50 crafters can change the element for 1 follower crystal and a tiny bit of ore. So the element rng is not that big of a deal really in late game.

I mean element as in “aspect of gameplay”, not the literal color element

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Well… yes.

Been farming Wyrmheim for a while for Serpentine gear pieces and my results?

As pictured, 4 Mauls, 2 Rings, and 1 Shield.

Wondering at this point if the very old bias of high-tier chests containing weapons is unduly influencing the RNG rolls on Mythic-capable chests.

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Change. People generally don’t like it.

In terms of the developer goals:
Reduce complexity of choosing what to upgrade. I mean, no ability to upgrade is definitely reducing complexity. Not running out of shards to upgrade is good, but only minor plus point. It makes the special legendary from caches (and other special one offs) feel terrible as they can never be upgraded/maxed out. Extreme minus points here.

Reduce investment: I mean, if you have the scrolls well leveled… I thought I’d see way more people with issues with the very increased investment of the scrolls. I was running out of weapon shards and unable to level more weapons, so plus point here.

Not change gear: Check

Getting gear is fun: If a standard farmable item, yeah, chests are interesting now. As folks above have gotten or not gotten gear, highs and lows. Getting gear is NOT fun when getting seasonal items. The season launches and I honestly don’t expect to have pieces of usable rarity until the end, 2 months later. I’m not going to want to use the new gear / new powers if it’s such a a downgrade rarity/stats wise. It turns off the excitement of the season.

Getting a legendary / mythic item before 3.0 would take weeks. It’s been about a week and a half, so more time is needed to tell / evaluate the drops. I like that idea the player has the power to chase the gear they want (*seasonal excluded), instead of being weeks time limited on glyphs or relics. It rewards play.

Lot of complexities here.


Players don’t have that choice any more. Not like they used to.

Used to be that you could get a “low quality” version of desired gear fairly easily … could even get it in the color you wanted, if you were willing to try a few times (and, with the relatively low cost of upgrading to epic, that was doable.) And then you had that gear for certain … and it was just a matter of time to level it up to mythic, with a small degree of positive feedback every step of the way.

Now players have no ability to do that. All they can do is farm the dungeons over and over hoping for that very rare drop of what they’re looking for at mythic quality. And even then it may be in the wrong color. (And many non-end-gamers don’t have the ability yet to change that.)

Sure, it used to take time before, because you needed to get some glyphs. But at least it was a “sure thing”. … Now it’s just random if/when you get the piece you want. That doesn’t reward play… not until it finally does. Which could be tomorrow, and could be next year. But, until then, it’s all disappointment. Before, at least you were making measurable progress, even if slowly.

And that glyph "cost’ hasn’t been removed. It’s just been separated into its own track.


Yes, that is truly horrible. … I don’t think it’s yet sunk in with many players just how bad.

Of course, most of the end-gamers were at level 50 scrolls anyway, so they’re sitting pretty. Don’t need glyphs no more.

And the newish players haven’t gotten to that point in scroll upgrading yet and don’t realize.

It’s those in the middle who’ve been slapped in the face by this.


I had all heroes at level 50 and a handful of level 45 legendary items … so all my heroes have scrolls at 45/45/45.

I will need ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY glyphs, per hero to get to 50/50/50.

So I’ve simply given up on scrolls. I’m not even going to try to improve them. I certainly won’t waste money doing so. That is simply an insurmountable amount, especially as it’s for each hero. Why bother trying?

I’m still hoping they restore some way to advance gear quality from common or rare to mythic.

Because, if not, I’ll be joining all those who have given up completely on being able to make any significant further progress in this game and have gone off to find something more rewarding to play.


I HATE this gear rework. We were NOT given enough TIME to prepare. Hard enough getting glyphs but getting glyphs enough to max all 3 gear scrolls? Been playing for months, level 8 VIP and I feel ripped off. 87 pieces of legendary gear?. WTH? Please help me understand before I quit!


I feel rather blocked in my development, but after some advice from Switch I started doing some stuff outside my comfort zone (which was level VI-VII) I started from legendary+1 mythic gear. And I began doing stuff I felt was way outside my abilities. I got the skirmishes to level X. And all (normal) dungeons to level IX. That went along with more dying then I was accustomed too. Also more reviving then I used to do. Level X seems to require more determination then I can muster at the moment after last days wipefest. Those mobs one-shot me too much. Probably need to alter some spells for it. Which of course was very easy before the spell-rework but now I can’t since I don’t have the spell pages to get them to a decent level. sigh.

So after burning through gems/keys/food/tickets, I actually got lucky and found a mythic weapon. Of course using it screws up my set bonus, but at least it has the right color and stats I can live with (I kinda have too…My follower is too low to change them :slight_smile: )

Now while I do have a feeling of accomplishment to see those IX’s everywhere, this was more hardcore then I find relaxing fun. It’s not a normal way of progression. Especially since I burned through my gems to optimize my gear (reroll stats/extra epic runes I needed for honing) and hence my ‘try to buy a glyph every 1 or 2 weeks with gems’ idea came too a screeching halt.

I admit I have now a second mythic probably faster then I would have in the old system. But I was not unhappy with the slow-but-we-getting-there feeling. Like I said : I don’t find it normal to have to do ‘very hard’ stuff to progress.

I do hope those IX’s pay off in the future with some more mythics. But all in all, upgrading gave a much better feeling.

Glad my advice helped out.

Don’t hold your breath for those IX though.

I have my skirm and dungeons all to X. Have dropped all my loot tickets on them for highest-end chests.

At now well over 100 100-level chests (I’ve not kept exact count) I’ve gotten no mythics, 2 legendaries with such crap stats that my existing versions (one epic) were better, a handful of epics, similarly useless, snd then just junk.

You may have improved your chances, but they’re still miniscule. At least judging by my experience.


By the way, dont waste gems on revive when unlocking level X. Just try again.

I got all but 1 of my dungeons up to X while I was still all epic geared. Of course it took figuring out the right spells and tactics, and then trying over and over until I got a very lucky start board … but it only needed that one time to unlock!

Definitely a good feeling when I did.

But still mostly useless in this new advance-only-by-random-drop game that has replaced the PQ3 we used to play.


Well as spmeone with their eyes wide open i am seeing far more negativity over this update than positivity, tenfold in fact, with that much negativity towards the update you must realise that something is wrong…

You lost a vip 8 here guys, you have lost the steady stream of my cash and have lost a valuable player, you messed up.

Havent been happier sonce i quit.


What mystifies me the most is this: there is no reason to take away the ability to upgrade gear, not that I can see.

Goals of the gear rework, as I see them, were:

  1. simplify the process by reducing gear ‘levels’
  2. separate updating gear into two tracks: finding items and also advancing per-character-scrolls with glyphs (the money grab aspect)
  3. provide new opportunities and incentives to end-game players to try to keep them engaged and paying.

None of that required taking away the ability to upgrade gear from common to mythic


Right now, it’s a thankless grind to try to update gear, because you’re completely dependent on random drops to get improved quality.

And while the occasional unlooked for good drop will happen - and be enjoyed - if you’re looking for a particular piece or pieces, the process is discouraging, thankless, and grueling.

Yes, it was a grind before, too, but once you had a low-level version of desired gear in hand, it was just a question of time, patience (and probably $) to gather the resources needed to upgrade it to mythic. Which gave you the regular encouragement and “positive feedback” which 3.0 so clearly lacks for its non-end-game players.

It was a better grind before – and one more likely to stimulate customer engagement and financial outlay.


So why the eff not just retain that capacity?!

Why not allow items to be ‘honed’ up to the next level by spending aether?

Why force customers to slog through the negative experience of failing to get that lucky drop over and over again?

Retaining the ability to upgrade gear would leave all those “goals” of 3.0 intact … including the incentivizing of end-gamers; including the money-grab of making it so that getting enough glyphs to upgrade scrolls to 50 is practical only by pay-to-win.


I’m baffled. Alienated, discouraged, and baffled.


that’s right, that doesn’t make sense : (

I have almost everything at legendary level, now I have to throw everything away due to lack of upgrade options. This is the slow death of this game. :frowning:


It’s indeed baffling that they didn’t see what the impact would be for lower level players.

A combination of systems would be indeed be a lot better :

  • Keep the old upgrading system (minus the glyphs) for items less than Mythic
  • Add to these items also the honing system (which is a nice improvement)
  • Only when you have a gear type to Mythic and honed to the last possible level, the option to get a higher level Mythic via a chest opens up but only for that gear type. So example : if you get your chest to Mythic + Honed it (and hence requiring 20 relics), only than can you get a superior Mythic chest from a drop. That would create the same end-game content.

That still leaves still the scroll system as issue since i will never upgrade those for alts before I have finished my main. So either seriously diminish the required glyphs. Or perhaps invent some copy system of scrolls so you can push your highest ones to an alt for a price.


Let’s hope it was an oversight.

Because if this is the effect they wanted to have on their customers? Well, that’s just suicidal.


Tweaking chests like this would be an extra coding burden, and not necessary. Mythics are so rare - and useful ones even moreso - that only endgamers, who can rapidly farm high end chests, will see more than a handful anyway.

Besides, with the money-grab aspect now shifted to scrolls, it doesn’t matter if players get the very occasional nice random drop to improve or diversify their gear. Unless you’re just trying to punish them.

If gear updating had been retained, the positive feedback would have been preserved and the very rare nice drop from chests would then be a bit of a plus and encouragement. A bonus, because you weren’t dependent on it.

Without that improvement mechanic, though, it’s just a joyless and frustrating slog for the mid-gamers trying to improve their gear.


They should have left the upgrade-gear-to-mythic mechanism in place. Best (imho) by making that an additional stage of ‘honing.’

Doing so wouldn’t have interfered with their primary goals of improving the end-gamers’ experience.

And it would have avoided the unintentional (let’s hope it was unintentional) effect of undermining the efforts of, reducing the gameplay enjoyment of, and alienating the rest of their customer base.