The Gear Rework

Same here.
I just realized that my spending (ca. a month ago) of all my accessory glyphs to M50 a Shield was a totally waste. The shield counts as offense (like a weapon), what a joke. Haha. So my highest 3.0 Utility is just M45.
I don’t have any accessory glyph currently.
A Dreamhold expedition adventure would be nice to get the missing 10 accessory glyphs…
It is totally unrealistic that before the update 10 glyphs would be enough for me to M45-M50… but after the update it needed a bunch of glyphs (see above: 96 glyphs), per character.
Are you joking, Devs?


96 would be the whole cost from lvl 35 to lvl 50. If you are at lvl 45 then it should be less.

I think the costs will ultimately be less, even if they seem to be more. Just look at the spell rework. The number to max your spellbook is daunting, but you also have access to more powerful spells than before the rework and most importantly, every chest feels important now. Chests that were basically trash before now feel important. I suspect the weapon rework will make chests feel even better going forward than they do now.


Yeah, you are right. Ca. 21 glyphs less, so ca. 75 glyphs per character.
So to M45-50

  • 10 glyphs now, for all character in 2.5
  • 7x75 glyphs=525 glyphs in 3.0.
    It is just craaaazy.

The battle scrolls will probably cost the same amount of glyphs than upgrading 6 armor, 5 accessories and 1 weapon to lvl 50 costed until now. But the devs are ready to give us lvl 50 battle scrolls across all characters for just 1 lvl 50 weapon, 1 lvl 50 armor and 1 lvl 50 accessory. That should be great news! They have learned from Spell rework and they are doing so that nobody gets their gear downgraded. What is more, they are refunding T4 relics! Of course, that is a transition-only deal that sadly not everyone will be able to take advantage of. But afterwards the cost to upgrade 1 battle scroll will still keep being exactly the same as it is right now (for simplicity let’s forget about the 1 battle scroll per character, I will go back to it later). Therefore, the complain here would be more “not being able to benefit from the transition feels bad” rather than “the transition is bad”.

About the several lvl 45 mythic vs one lvl 50 mythic. Let’s say we have one player who spent 14 weapon glyphs, 84 armor glyphs and 70 accessory glyphs to get 12 lvl 50 mythic pieces. And another player used the same amount of glyphs to get 3 lvl 45 mythic weapon, 1 lvl 45 legendary weapon, 21 lvl 45 mythic armor pieces, 17 lvl 45 mythic accessory pieces and 1 lvl 45 legendary accessory piece. After the transition this means that:

  • The first one will get all battle scrolls to lvl 50 and 12 mythic pieces
  • The second one will get all battle scrolls to lvl 45, 41 mythic pieces and 2 legendary pieces.

Both players are getting full value of the glyphs they have spent, the first in the form of higher battle scrolls and the latter in the form of lots of mythic pieces, so I don’t see room here for asking any kind of further compensation.

I believe the transition planned by the devs is sensible and nice. They could have made it much worse, but they decided to make it so that we can keep the power level of our gear. What I do agree is that knowing all this earlier would have been better so that we could plan ahead and decide which type we wanted to be.

My argument has a weakness though… And that is the battle scrolls being character dependent. As I have said before I find this to be really bad because then it means that the glyph cost will only be the same for a single character, and 7 times higher if you want to upgrade all characters. Taking this into account the bad feeling of not being able to benefit from the transition takes on a whole new meaning since it will create a huge difference between those that get lvl 50 battle scrolls and those who don’t.

If it could be possible to make battle scrolls independent of characters so that they only need to be upgraded once, then I am sure there the game would be much more enjoyable and the transition would be much less unfair. Please devs, think about this.

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As an addendum to Yukit’s (and others in the same) situation there is another way to look at this.

  • Everyone’s gear kit will be stronger in 3.0 than it is in 2.5.
  • Player who spent glyphs on level 45 mythics will have more Mythic items than they would if the glyphs were spent leveling one item.

We may find that some players are wishing they had glyphs to mythic that one last item. I know I regret my latest glyph expenditure to get two armor items to 50 so I would have 2% more exp gain…

Anyone’s situation can be analyzed from the glass is half empty point of view to paint the worst picture.
I have multiple level 50 items, so by the same logic I have “over spent” my glyphs and could have made X more mythics to 45 instead.

Players that were taking items to level 45 Mythic have been completely fine with level 45 gear up to this point. I know I have been with everything except weapons and shields. So, to keep this status quo, there would be no reason to spend another glyph after the update. @Yukit may be better off with multiple level 45 mythics than with 1 level 50 mythic and a bunch of level 50 legendary items.

I was not saying it is unfair, but unfortunate that what seems like a wise use of glyphs today can turn out to not be the best use case as the game evolves. This has been the case in smaller ways for the entire life of the game.

I do think the character specific spell book and battle scrolls is the design choice that is leading to this frustration. That is casting a large shadow on the rest of the ‘smaller’ parts of these last major updates.


I agree with some of the points you guys brought up. I’m unhappy with my specific case which is just optimal use of resources under X system and PERCEIVED impact of how the new system works, which technically I don’t know the full details of, but have a reasonable template from which to ASS+U+ME

I mean, just overall, the resources required, if for individual characters seems it would be just ungodly.
Ultimately, I’d be happy with shared scroll / spell books. I think that just makes sense. It’s like the citadel that all your work across characters contribute to. (Dear God, please don’t make the citadel rework individual citadels!)


This is one good point of the spell book and battle scrolls, how they affect all gear and not only some specific ones. Up until know upgrading gear to lvl 50 was a bit of a waste since you were only upgrading a single piece, but with the gear rework it will be better since you will be upgrading all your gear… Of a single character, though. Again here we have the main issue.

I also like how opening chests have become more enjoyable after the spell rework, and I hope the gear rework makes it even better. However it is a pity that it comes at the expense of needing extra farming to get the stuff we want.


A simple question if I may:

As it stands, if I create a new Hero (a duplicate character maybe), I can equip that Hero with my most powerful gear and that gear levels up with my new Hero to a maximum of 50.

When that new duplicate Hero reaches level 50, its gear score and attributes etc will be identical to my main Hero (putting aside the different and independent Spell Book levels after the Spell Rework obviously).

After this impending Gear rework, will that no longer be the case? i.e will that duplicate Hero now be weaker than my main Hero because of these “Scrolls”, even though they have identical gear equipped and they’re both level 50?

In other words, are these Scrolls applied globally to all Heroes? Or do they need to be levelled up on a per Hero basis as the Spell Book does?

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I spent weapon glyphs, so I have an M50 weapon in 2.5 (and one other weapon at M45). So I earned & spent enough weapon glyphs in 2.5, to get the M50 Attack in 3.0 (called Offense).

I spent armor glyphs, so I have an M50 leg armor (legs) in 2.5 (and three other armors at M45). So I earned & spent enough armor glyphs in 2.5, to get the M50 Armor in 3.0 (called Defense).

And finally:

I spent accessory glyphs, so I have an M50 accessory in 2.5 (and one more accessory at M45). So I earned & spent enough accessory glyphs in 2.5, to get the M50 Accessory in 3.0 (called Utility).

My decision was that I did not spent my accessory glyphs to a Necklace, Belt or Rings to M50 my gear, but a Corrupted guard shield.

This counts today a mistake. And this mistake should cost me hundreds and hundreds of glyphs? I don’t think I deserve this punishment.


This is correct. All new characters will start at level 1 spell book and level 1 scrolls.

This is also the part of this and the Spell update that I disagree with the most. It is going to alienate the new player base and jeopardize the health of the game as a whole.



This was the answer I was expecting unfortunately and I agree with you.

This is yet another reason for more Gear Loadout slots that have been requested numerous times by various players, but still hasn’t been addressed. There’s no way I’ll be upgrading a dupe Hero’s scrolls using valuable resources when the devs could just satisfy our simple request for more loadout slots.

It baffles me why the fundamentals constantly get overlooked in favour of the convoluted.

This is indeed a hurting point. Many players go with shields as their first high level accessory, which is really bad for the transition. I would have expected shields to work towards the utility scroll due to needing accessory glyphs… It would be nice if devs could do something about this particular case.


We have double the amount of loadouts in 3.0, it will be mentioned in the full patch notes



Woah! I’m suitably impressed!

All of a sudden things aren’t looking so bad. :eyes:


Great news.
And what do you think about the Shield issue (see also above)?

In 2.5 Tavern-Goals-Collection you can find there are 3 types of gears:

  • Weapon - Get a Weapon to Level 10-20-30-40-50 - I completed these goals with a Weapon.
  • Armor Piece - Get an Armor piece to Level 10-20-30-40-50 - I completed these goals with a Leg Armor.
  • Accessory - Get an Accessory to Level 10-20-30-40-50 - I completed these goals with a Shield.

In 3.0 there are also 3 types of gears (Battle Scrolls):

  • Offense - I met the requirements because of my M50 weapon.
  • Defense - I met the requirements because of my M50 legs.
  • Utility - Imo I met the requirements because of my M50 shield.

But I did not met the requirements because the Shield Accessory (2.5) is in 3.0 not a Utility (like all the other 2.5 Accessory) anymore but an Offense gear.
My so called Offense gear function is: “Add 10% to block chance, increasing by 4% every turn”. Yeah, it is a 100% attacking Accessory.

Why should I and others suffer because a gear is classified elsewhere than before?

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For the honing process, can you use any type of mythic relic? Or does it still have to be the mythic relic associated with that gear type?

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It has not been changed so my Elven Bow still uses the Elven Relic, my Dragonguard Helm uses the Dragonguard relic etc


While shields are classified as an ‘Accessory’ and can be upgraded with that type of glyphs, are made by Soulchaser.

DEFENSE - Armor - made by Toragon
UTILITY - Accessory - made by Gemka
OFFENSE - Weapon/Shield - made by Soulchaser

Is it more understandable this way?

No its not, a shield is not an offensive weapon, its a defensive piece of armour.
Except you are Captain America and have superpowers to throw it hard across big distances.
( Therefor he always was the clown among the superheroes of my childhood, even then we laughed about the idea to use a 15 kg shield as a thrown weapon, but ok, superheroes can throw everything)
But ok, why not call a train a car … they both have wheels and both can transport ppl …
Ah … I know, cause nobody would understand it or expect it …

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