The Gear Rework

Thank you for sharing your opinion.
I hope the changing of the classification will be even clearer this way:

  • to improve your Shield in 2.5 (via leveling up your gear): you need accessory glyphs.
  • to improve your Shield in 3.0 (via leveling up Offense Battle Scrolls): you need weapon glyphs.

Anyway, I simply asking the devs please consider this situation. If you say, that you think it is fair this way, I accept it. Thank you.


Why? Does all 7 heroes @ level 50 give me something else? I only use the paladin for the sidequest crystals and the weekly quest pass.

Are we being refunded glyphs too? The accessory glyphs I used on my M46 shield seem to be a complete waste now.

They seem a complete waste only because the devs have decided on a truly great transition. The transition is made so that everyone keeps their gear at least at their current power level. That means that instead of doing as with the Spell rework and putting the glyphs into the scrolls or refunding them, they are ready to level all our battle scrolls with a single lvl 50 item of each type.

Saying it in another way, if they went instead with the glyph refund path we would need something like around 96 armor glyphs, 72 accessory glyphs and 32 weapon glyphs to upgrade the battle scrolls to lvl 50 per character. Do you prefer to do it this way? Because I don’t. I have 16x lvl 50 items and I am extremely happy of how the transition is going to be, even if that means I have “wasted” 130 glyphs.

If we start talking about fair then we could say that the best thing would be just to refund everyone the glyphs and then let each player level up their battle scrolls to the level they can. However, that would be terrible for most players but for the most seasoned ones.

The current transition is great. You have 1 level 50 weapon and 1 level 50 armor. I assume you have 6 heroes at lvl 50. Therefore you are going to get the equivalent of 32x6 = 192 weapon glyohs and 96x6 = 576 armor glyphs after investing only 16 weapon glyphs and 16 armor glyphs. Do you still believe we should be getting our glyphs refunded?

Not the amount you said, as the characters all share the same shield; the refund should be per item, not per hero using it.

My point is that the upgrading the shield was redundant as I have a M50 sword, I could have used those accessory glyphs on an accessory, which would get me closer to a level 50 utility scroll…

Right now, as it happens with the spell books, battle scrolls will be tied to each character. Therefore each character will need to separately upgrade their battle scrolls. If the devs decide to forget about the “one lvl 50 item → all characters battle scrolls lvl 50” transition and just give us our glyphs back then you would need the amount of glyphs I stated to get all your character’s battle scrolls at lvl 50.

But even if it is just 1 character, you are getting the value of 32 weapon glyphs and 96 armor glyphs for only 16 and 16 glyph you have spent.

But that is a different issue. One thing is asking for a glyph refund on all lvl +45 items apart from the main lvl 50 ones, which I believe it makes no sense. But another thing is the shield issue requiring accessory glyphs but counting towards offense battle scroll. This is the point made by @MiCh, something that doesn’t feel too nice, so we are waiting for an answer from the devs if there is something that can be done or not with this issue.


Just a quick idea, but could it be possible to make shields count towards utility scrolls just for the transition? Since they used accessory glyphs it would make sense and help players that decided to level up 1 weapon, armor and shield (which is the usual strategy). Thank you very much for your time and attention.


So I can just use this as a means to convert runes & relics into aether?

Questions about the new gear “Quality” system in 3.0 in association with the transition.

  1. Currently my M50 weapon has the highest base stat in the game.
  2. Currently my M50 weapon is as strong as anybody else’s M50 weapon (not taking into account now the attributes, which can anytime change via the follower).

Your document says: “All Gear will be converted to keep the existing stats as similar as possible.”

What does this mean?
My M50 weapon’s base stat (6.575 melee damage with the +200 power from the unchangeable 1st attributum) as an existing stat will be keep as similar as possible?

  1. Does it mean I am going to get the base Quality level “Divine” Mythic” weapon?
  2. Is it a fix transition or random: I mean in an unlucky case I am going to get “Divine” Mythic weapon, but if I would be luckiest guy in the game, I could get via the transition an “Exalted” or even an “Immortal” Mythic weapon?
  3. Is it true, that after the transition my M50 weapon would not be necessarily as strong as anybody else’s M50 weapon (some of us will be lucky, others unlucky) or at the result of the transition everybody gets the same?
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No, the aether amount you receive depends on the item rarity. Honing does not change rarity, it just improves an item within that rarity. For example an epic item honed to tier III will still be epic and will still give 4 aether when salvaging.

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“All Gear will be converted to keep the existing stats as similar as possible.”

That would mean that all lvl 50 weapons would be converted with same stats, meaning same quality for everyone.

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So epic relics no longer get things up to epic?

Can we no longer evolve items now?


Epic relics will be used for the hone III tier of epic and above rarity items. As I said before honing is a way of increasing an item’s stats but it doesn’t change its rarity.

So any items I don’t have glyphs for now I might as well bin?

I’ve just got a green Trarg helm to epic, but I’m missing an armour glyph to get it to legendary. Does this mean that the mythic Trarg helm I’ve been working towards will never be mythic?

Well, rare and above items give aether when salvaged, so better to wait until 3.0 to salvage them. Also, even currently epic items can work decently. Furthermore, if you have a lvl 50 defense battle scroll epic items may become strong enough to use. So I would recommend waiting until 3.0 before salvaging any important item.

I am afraid that is the case. In order to get a mythic traarg helm after 3.0 you will need to open it in chests.


I’ve just bought my 4th Trarg relic.

Another rework that nobody asked for.


There was a huge problem in the game with chests, you’d open a chest and it would be your 20th copy of fireball and I know I was like “ugh” the amount of useless and redundant stuff in chests was ridiculous. I think something had to be done about it as it made grinding tedious. Did you not like the spell rework like it finally turned out? Don’t you think that’s a huge improvement to the game or no?


Not when I have to spend weeks grinding the same dungeon hoping that I get enough pages to level up a spell. I have a job and can’t spend all day every day doing dungeons.

I need over 3,000 pages just to get another 10% chance of getting a power down effect from tangled skulls.

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This is where I’m at exactly. I’ve been putting my glyphs into my shield so that I only need around 5 more to get it to 50 - except now I find I should have been putting it all into a necklace, belt, or ring.

To get one of those there is going to be at least 13 accessory glyphs. Without Dreamhold, I can’t do it. Even with Dreamhold, that is a significant gem cost - which I might, maybe bring myself to do if it rolls around. I’m not sure. This has left a bad taste in my mouth. But it’s moot since general impression seems to be Dreamhold won’t roll around again until after (since it just ran).

I feel as if I’m chasing moving goalposts since every time I start to make progress, YOINK.


Oh there are gamedevs our there that involve their communities and guess what, astonishingly they earn enough money to not have to rush from one disaster to the next and even produce games their fanbase like and pay.
But that seems not to be the goal of our Dev, obviously not.
I really dont know what their goal is, but it cant be to be sucessful, and it cant be to deliver what their customers want.

They do this job in a matter that must fail. No other way.
But wether they are really not aware of how state of the art (game)developement is done and are besides really not aware what we wanna see and play (which would be only possible with ignoring what we say complettly and never have played something for themselves) or they just dont care of any other opinion and think they still know better as everybody else.
Both looks very much like ignoring and denying everything that does not fit into their point of view, as many bitter old ppl do when they finally realize that they have totally wasted their lifes and dont wanna acknowledge it.