These One Shot Dragons

Lord Wraith and whatever that blue on is - the ones in daily events that turn up second with full mana bars and ridiculous health that go through your full armour and health bar in one shot - does anyone have a strategy for beating them or are they there to force you to buy potions and stuff? Even if you stun them you can only do it once and they’ll drop you on their next turn. It’s ridiculous.

Even if you spend the jewels for recovery, the inescapable death they cause seems to stop you from getting a chest.

Also - the daily event. How can you complete that with no death and minimal damage and still fall short - sometimes by as little as 4 points - from getting the best chest?


I wish I could help you with a strategy for the higher level events and challenges but it seems even the guys with the 2000+ gear scores are struggling with that ¯\(ツ)

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Actually the only way is
On 1st turn dont Stun and take one hit of dragon on armor. Because the mana for dragon breath isnt full at first turn
On second turn you must be able to Stun ( 7 in row)
If you need a 3rd turn you have to beat him down because Stun wont work
Barrier dont work because dragon breath goes on resistance and the vitality
There are bosses and mini-bosses with same problem

I am level 50(169) and to be successful at level 100 is nearly impossible now.
Later in game there are a lot if gems of same color available but cannot be controlled. In most cases I cannot avoid to get 7 in a row! So at second turn Stun doesnt work and I will be dead!

My point is the dragons start their first turn with full mana and that’s the problem. Their breath attack goes through armor and a full health bar like a hot knife through butter. Hence the ‘one shot’ reference.

As I experienced the mana of bosses / dragons is empty first at skirmishes or dungeons.
At events there are sometimes conditions given that dragons start with full mana.
In such a case you have to end your previous fight with enough gems of your favorite color to create a Stun by 7 in a row and enough offense spell power.